Dazzle In Claire’s For Winter!

Back at Christmas time we went to a preview of what summer had to offer from high street treasure trove Claire’s Stores! We had a magnificent day and Florence in particular had loads of fun! We still talk about it and Claire’s has become one of the shops my little consumer simply doesn’t want to walk past when out shopping. She really is a little shopper and loves to peruse shelves in shops like Lush and The Disney Store and now of course, Claire’s where she touches everythign delicately and slowly makes her way around oohing and ahhing as she goes!

It is actually the perfect shop for some pocket money to be spent and with sparkles and dazzlers it has everything to enchant a four year old like mine. What I also realised back at Christmas though, was that Claire’s also has a very grown up side and with the fun and pretty for little ones it has some magnificent jewellery that I now wear myself, have given away as gifts and have tucked away in my drawer awaiting the perfect festival moment (thank you very much floral headbands)!

I can’t believe summer is nearly here and of course as is with retail Claire’s are looking towards Autumn and Winter right now. I asked if I could come again and see what’s hot and with more beautiful pieces in the classic collection, some brilliantly bright and fun head wear and much, much more, I was treated to a peek last night!

Claires AW Press Day 2

I came away having fallen in love with the classic collection! A Christmas of the delicate, vintage and understated is on the cards but less is so often more and here that’s for certain! 

Claires AW Press Day 3

The bows on head bands are going to be real party stealers I think!

So those were the collections which caught my beady eye but I also noticed the new collection ‘PRISM’ by Katy Perry featuring the line ‘Roar’ to nod to her hit single! I think Katy is a massively realistic and encouraging role model for the tweens who will adore this little lot and although I might feel too old for the ‘ROAR’ bracelets I was rather keen on some of the gorgeous stud earrings and necklaces! This is just up tweenagers and teenagers alley and will be a massive hit for Claire’s I’m sure!

Claires AW Press Day

The Katy Perry ‘PRISM’ collection!

The things I spied for Florence were fluffy monsters and shining metallics which I know would have caught her eye for dressing up and playing in! I saw the sparkly eye shadows at the Christmas show and STILL haven’t bought some for myself which must be rectified as I would wear it all party season and Florence would have lots of fun playing with them too!

Claires AW Press Day 4

Lots for little girls to be excited about as well as Mummies!

And just because summer is over Claire’s are showing the floral fun doesn’t have to end with a fabulous collection of flowers for the Winter! I’m not quite going to say roll on party season because I want my summer first but when it comes it’s definitely going to be dazzling!

Claires AW Press Day 1

Flowers for the winter!

I was invited to the preview of the Claire’s winter collection.


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