Warner Bros Mums!

We had a fabulous invitation this week to go and visit Warner Bros House in Central London, check out their amazing office space complete with private cinema, play with some toys and computer games and even get to watch some of the new Warner Bros releases!

When we arrived the children were immediately bowled over by the giant statue of Batman in the foyer and their excitement began to whip! Florence spotted a face painter and before she even entered the entertainment room she was in the queue waiting for a butterfly!

Warner Brothers Post 1

Florence’s first stop was a face paint of course!

I caught up with Clare from Emmy’s Mummy in the face painting queue and she told me what a wonderful morning they had had and what a treat we were in store for! She had been at the morning session which slightly overlapped with the afternoon so we got to have lunch together which was fab!

My friend Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours was also there with her little girl who Florence adores so that made it immediately special for Florence who had her ‘grown up’ pal to play with! Jimmy was off marauding and playng with all the new Scooby-Doo toys from Character Options (the rocket was AMAZING) as well as giving the computer games a whirl (well he tried) and had an absolutely brilliant time just running up and down while Carolynne and I had a natter!

Warner Brothers Post

Jimmy tried to play computer games and was very pleased with himself that he got hold of a controller!

Warner Brothers Post 3

Florence with her pal playing ‘Super Man’, well, when in Rome!

Next we got to go into the Warner Bros private cinema and see some clips from the Lego Movies as well as getting to see a brand new episode of Tom and Jerry which pleased me having gone back to a more original style of illustrations! Things have definitely changed though because Tom’s owner is no longer a thick legged woman but a young chap! The children thought it was excellent which proves that the oldies are the goodies and if something ain’t broke there’s no need to fix it!

Warner Brothers Cinema Post

The children enjoying the cinema!

Next up was a feature length episode of Scooby-Doo so Carolynne, Jimmy and I decided to leave the girls to it (Florence felt VERY grown up being in the cinema ‘on her own’ with a friend) and we went outside to continue gassing with other lovely bloggers! We sat on the floor chatting and got to meet in person Julie from Julie’s Notebook, Leyla from This Day I Love, Jacinta from Jacintaz3, and Joy from Pink Oddy while Jimmy had fun playing with the lovely Lotte from Berice Baby’s little boy!

We had lots of fun over some yummy food and brilliant products, games and films and the children had a blast! Jimmy mainly had fun going in and out of Tweety Pie’s cage!

Warner Brothers Post 4

Jimmy loved this!

Then it was time to say our thank yous and good byes before coming home with a mountain f presents from Warner Bros. Thank you WB for such a wonderful afternoon and allowing the children to take over for the day!

Warner brothers Post 5

Good bye to a giant Scooby-Doo!

Warner Brothers Post 2

And of course good bye to this chap too!

I was invited to Warner Bros House for a #WBMums event.

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  1. Was lovely to meet you. I was very taken with your young man. I am super impressed with your memory for names and you have some great captures.

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