Rubbish With Character!

I have to admit I have rather a lot of bug bears. I’m just one of those grumbly, moany people at times I suppose but I think everyone would have to agree with me on this one as it really is so utterly infuriatingly irritating! In fact, because I KNOW any normal parent would feel exactly the same way, I just can’t understand why something hasn’t been done about this yet…

Those darn awful character bins is what I’m talking about… Now c’mon, you have to agree, there is seriously no good reason for them to exist!

We are no longer a nation of litterers who dump crisp packets and chewing gum on the pavements. The ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ was a marvellous campaign when I was little and with all the recycling and rubbish sorting we do out without thinking these days I seriously don’t think many children think to just chuck their rubbish on the floor. Having a character bin smiling away at them as they approach it does not incentivise them to use it any more than a normal one would – I just know it!

Yet still they are everywhere! Giant yellow ducks, bright penguins and the like all luring children to touch their nasty germy mouths with wasps flying in and out of them and spend far too long lingering over a simple job of putting rubbish in the bin!

Jimmy is SO taken with them he even hugs and kisses them – yuk! I run screaming after him to STOP but he’s so drawn to them he sees them at a thousand paces… Why, why, why? He doesn’t notice normal bins but will happily find on when I ask him to deposit his wrapper in one!

I just don’t get them. I really don’t! They are as disgusting and smelly as the next public bin but they are a lure for small children! Not to dispose of rubbish but to touch, hug and kiss… I say get rid of them! They serve no purpose whatsoever!

Dirty Bin Post

This is a yucky bin at the farm, not a character to be loved and touched! 


It’s felt a little like summer with the weather at times this week and long may it continue! We’ve been loving playing in the sunshine and having fun together. We’ve seen friends, had day trips and been generally getting into the Easter spirit. Florence has worn her bunny ears daily and of course it goes without saying that they’ve both been eating chocolate! We had a lovely egg hunt in the park with friends we bumped into which was ace! We also went to have a look around Chelmsford with Daddy to see what we thought of it. We want to buy a bigger house and Chelmsford is one of the options because London is out of the price equation unfortunately…

This Week Easter

Lots of Easter fun this week!

Well it might be the end of the Easter holidays for most but while Florence is still at nursery and I can still exercise the right to take her out whenever I like, we are having an extra week and going to Haven in Caister for a bit of a holiday! The cat is sorted with a house sitter and we’re all packed and ready to go! See you all when we get back but in the mean time please do follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby.