Dearest Posie – You Are Eight Months Old!

Dearest Posie – You Are Eight Months Old!

8 months old today!

Dearest Posie,

Wow, eight months of you and we are heading into Autumn which is horrid as I don’t feel you properly got sun kissed (shade kissed) in 2021 but here we are and heading into another season with you on our team, what better place to bell?!

You are absabsolutely incredible Posie and at 8 months old not content with just crawling, which you do super fast and look like a little salamander, that you want to walk now too. Cruising round the room taking one hand off and more recently two, to stand balanced for a while before slowly lowering yiurself down, and we are all in awe. Jimmy is both encouraging you, wanting to help you walk, and trying to slow you down not wanting you to beat his walking at 9 and a half months. I wouldn’t mind better that you do it soon!

You are a little toughie, I tell people at soft play who worry when their children come over to see you. You may be tiny but you have two big brothers at home who are constantly on you. Jimmy picking you up and Raffie being a bit too rough all the time with me shouting GENTLE! You will be hard as nails I think being the little sister of these two boys. Florence giggles you and cuddles you and loves you like a little Mummy and your eyes now light up when Daddy comes in the room. You are very definitely a Mummy’s girl but when he left the room without picking you up after getting home from work the other day you got very upset.

You say Dadadadadada and understand the sign for milk which you love and spend a lot of time nestled in feeding. Which is perfect and I love it too. You do like food though, if you can feed yourself and not have a spoon, so independent! You still hate the buggy and the car but love to be in the sling and you still sleep next to me and not really anywhere else. Again, perfect for everyone. None of us mind anything because your beam of a smile makes it all worthwhile! Oh and as of two days ago you can clap yourself for all your cleverness!

8 months of Posie is all pretty perfect if you ask me!

Last day of the holidays in Uncle Phil’s dress!
Sunshine of course for the last day!
Eating the responses in church!
Everyone back at school!
No school for Posie Pops!
Everyone has a front door picture. school or no school!
Coffee with friends!
A beach day while the sun shines!
Very sandy!
What goes in must come out right?! Oh boy it did!
Best buds!
Getting sand off is hard!
Gumbo fun realising in Raffie’s class Posie needed to go up a level!
Just so active now!
Next level up and loving it!
Making a mess!
And thoroughly able to climb out!
Soft play with the gang!
Funniest photo ever!
Always standing!
Gorgeous girl!
All this wonderful play!
Spells an occasional nap!
Enjoying friend’s birthday parties!
Loving playing!
Your first in person press event at the CIJ Festival!
Meeting friends!
Wearing Mummy’s old dress!
Which Florence also wore and is a bit big right now but I couldn’t resist!
More Gymboree fun!
A cardigan knitted by me!
The escape artist on a break enjoying some berries! Never happy to stay put this harness has been easily overcome!
The train to London for blog work!
Attending events is fun!
Meeting celebrity chefs too!
Dining with Raffie!
Pretty yummy!
And happy about it!
First time on a swing!
Think it was enjoyed!
We did a bit of modelling!
Getting ready for Halloween!
Halloween party gang!
Another outfit!
Could she be more adorable?!
Well actually, yes maybe she can!
Mummy and Daddy’s wedding anniversary in Southwold!
With Mummy!
And Daddy!
And the sibs!
Loving the beach!
sleeping in a car seat? Surely not! That’s what fresh air does!
Swim Sunday!
Oh Posie!
Oh Posie more!
A very rare sleep on something other than Mummy!
A day out to Pensthorpe vjust us three!
Looking after you in the swing!
Being gentle as I keep telling Raffie he must be with Posie!
Crawling proficiently!
But not content with that!
Trying desperately to walk!
At Auntie Tory’s birthday party!
3rd of October 2021 – 8 months old!
And truly scrummy!

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