Peritos – What To Do With Leftover Peri Peri Chicken!

Peritos – What To Do With Leftover Peri Peri Chicken!

A few weeks ago I wrote my recipe for my one pot Peri Peri chicken, a real favourite in this house which I serve with potato wedges, coleslaw and corn on the cobs. We always have left over chicken which I make use of the leftovers from, usually with sandwiches the next day and a soup. The sandwiches are great in packed lunches and the soup, which I make using stock from the boiled up carcass and any left over Peri Peri Sauce is easy to make simply by roasting tomatoes, red peppers, onion and garlic with some olive oil, salt and pepper and then blitzing it together with the stock in a medium heated pan or soup maker. But for something a little different I thought this week I’d use the leftovers to make a burrito, or Perito if you will!

They’re super easy to make and create another wonderful meal using the same chicken making it stretch that bit further. I make stock by boiling the carcass with any leftover Peri Peri sauce just as I do for the soup and then I strain it and use it to boil some basmati rice until the pan boils dry. I add to the rice some veggies that I gently fry first (finely chopped red pepper, red onion, spring onion and garlic) and mix it in along with some fresh chopped coriander.

In another sauce pan I fry more onion, tomatoes, garlic, a glug of balsamic vinegar and some freshly chopped red chillies in a tablespoon of olive oil before adding some ketchup and blitzing it smooth with a hand held mixed. Season and then it’s ready to build the Peritos.

White flour tortillas need firstly a dollop of the tomato chilli sauce followed by some of the rice, some grated cheese and then a small handful of the leftover chicken before being topped with some more fresh coriander. Tuck the ends in and roll the tortilla before rolling it up in tinfoil and twisting the ends tightly. Bake these in the oven on 180 for 15 minutes and serve with smashed avocado (I do mine with a dash of olive oil, some grated garlic and a squeeze of lime), soured cream (which I like to add lime zest and juice to) and any more of the tomato and chilli sauce you have left over.

This is thrifty, super tasty and very filling – street food at its best!

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