The Autumn and Winter Shoes That Every Mum Needs

The Autumn and Winter Shoes That Every Mum Needs

There is a saying that states that shoes can change your life, just as Cinderella… But in an effort to be more sustainable and not buy too many things that we don’t need, what are the shoes that every mum needs to have in her wardrobe? The autumn and winter fashion season is upon us, and as the weather changes, so can our needs for the shoes that we have. If you want to know what shoes you need to have over the coming months, then here is your ultimate list to help.

Statement pair of trainers

Trainers have had such a makeover in recent years, meaning that you can have an activewear pair of trainers that you do actually train or run in, as well as having a statement or fashion pair of trainers, helping to spruce up your casual style and make sure that you are as comfortable as possible on the school run. You can wear a pair of statement trainers with skirts as well as jeans, making them a really versatile option during this transitional season. One of the most popular styles are Golden Goose, as well as Veja. If you’re looking for style and comfort, then these could be your go-to pairs. 

High tops

On a similar note, you could choose to go for high tops, as well as, or instead of, your trusty pair of trainers. They add another level of ‘cool’ and can be warmer to wear for your ankles as the temperatures start to drop. Similarly, they can be worn with jeans and dresses alike, and a style like Palladium Boots are ones that will never go out of fashion. So the choice is yours; traditional trainers or high tops? 

Fluffy slides

Sliders are a must for throughout the year as they are so simple and easy to wear. But when the temperature starts to drop, embracing a fluffy pair of slides is the ultimate in comfort and chic style. They are great for running errands in, taking the bins out, and the school run (unless it is a rainy morning, of course). Wearing them with jeans or joggers make a great combination, and offer you some casual and cosy vibes that are perfect for the weekend. 

Ankle boots

Is it even autumn if you haven’t got your ankle boots out? They are everywhere at the moment, and can be worn with pretty much anything too! As they can be worn throughout the season, if you’re going to splurge, then it is a good idea to splurge on your choice of ankle boot. Black goes with everything, but likewise, a brown or tan pair can look good for the season too if you like a little more colour in your life. From skirts to jeans and to dresses, you’ll be set for the season with a good pair of ankle boots.


Such a classic piece, loafers are another must for mums to have during autumn and winter. They aren’t going to be as wearable throughout the season as other styles, like ankle boots, but when you get a dry day, they can spruce up your outfit, and be the ideal piece of clothing for the office, as well as for evening drinks and errands. It can be a good idea to go for a loafer in a bold print, if the rest of your outfit is likely to be quite neutral in colour. Leopard print loafers, for example, can look great with black skinny jeans and black top and blazer, with a tan scarf for drinks with other mum friends. 

Wellington boots

If you are a dog mum, as well as a human mum, then you’re likely to have a trusty pair of wellington boots that you can rely on to use through the rainy and wet season. However, if you don’t, it is time to get some to suit your needs. If you plan to do a lot of muddy walks with the dog or in the woods with the kids, then getting a long pair of wellie boots is a good idea. For just wearing locally when it is wet and on the school run, for example, then you can get cropped wellie boots to the ankle or calf, that could work just as well. Having a pair ready to go will be so helpful when you wake up and there are puddles everywhere, as well as snow (hey, you never know)!

Are there any other pairs that you would add to the list for autumn?