Haufson Wok With Steamer!

Haufson Wok With Steamer!

Last week Posie and I got on the train, I know, they still exist and tripped into London for a second week in a row (what is this, real life again?) and we joined the Haufson team for their press launch of a new product, the Haufson Wok With Steamer (£89.99, currently on offer for £79.99) at School of Wok where we were presented a slap up lunch cooked by Chef Exose Grant (of Bake of The Professionals and Masterchef the professionals fame) all created in the brand new wok!

Off to London living real life again and multi tasking with my lap top and the baby!

Chef Exose says he loves working with Haufson pans and one of his favourite is the Yin Yang pot which can hold two different dishes at once but today was about the wok which not only is crafted with non stick, long lasting qualities but is also easy on the eye with a few hidden treasures which make it a cut above other woks! Easy solutions to daily life!

Chef Exose cooking up a storm in the kitchen with the new black and golden marble wok and steamer from Haufson!
While you wok!
You can also steam!
The steamer, making this wok dual functionality, can also be built upon in a tower like traditional steamers!
Multi purpose just like the Haufson Yin Yang pan!

There’s more to the pan than just this dual functionality though and more has been thought of besides, not to mention the aesthetics, this pan has been created to work in the kitchen well and with a lid that stands up on its own I think this is what sealed the deal for me. I’m forever looking around for somewhere to put pan lids, this is just one pan, can do two different things at once (much like I try to) and the lid is the cherry on the cake!

Look at that helpful lid!

A super fun lunch with the guys at Haufson and Chef Exose resulted in delicious food all cooked up in the wok and I enjoyed it so much I just had to show you what we ate!

The perfect little luncheon for Miss Posie and I, Posie particularly enjoyed dropping the chop sticks and having me pick them up for her again! This was perfect and gave me the ideal excuse as to why I couldn’t use them, they’d been on the floor and I’d have to use the fork instead, ah shame – I never have got the hang of chop sticks!

Attending events is fun!

We left the event full to the brim, super impressed and Chef Exose and Haufson gifted us a wok to bring home and try for ourselves. Now, traditionally I’ve not been great at stir fries but here’s hoping the wok will assist me somewhat and I can change that around!

Thanks Haufson and Chef Exose!

Easy to use, easy to clean, promoting healthy meals which are family friendly and time efficient… Watch this space, I’m coming back at you with my Haufson wok and steamer very soon!