She Said Yes!

She Said Yes!

When we decided to get married we had already been together for a decade and hadn’t really been thinking much about marriage let alone engagement rings, just happy as we were living in sin and loving it. However, when we decided to start a family it became important to me that we were married. I’m not particularly traditional so I’ve no idea why but it just did, and luckily, for Jonny, we both felt the same. It wasn’t so much a proposal and a time to say yes however, it was more a joint decision. There was no big proposal or announcement that “she said yes“, we just announced we were getting married.

That’s not to say that our wedding wasn’t perfect and lovely because it was all of those things, with special and important to us elements but alas, I never had that moment of being proposed to and never had that moment of saying yes to the all important question. At the time it didn’t bother me but years later I found that it really did and for our 10th wedding anniversary, 2 decades of loving each other, Jonny finally gave me a ring of dreams and I got my movie proposal moment! I’d been looking at rings, old fashioned styles mainly and I liked moissanite bridal sets, beautiful jewels set perfectly and I couldn’t stop looking despite the fact we had been a decade married. He noticed, not like him but he did and when he gave me my jewel, the sparkle was a brilliant feeling, it was so romantic!

Back when we were first together I think I was too cool to consider romance a necessity, I definitely never believed in anything so sentimental as having a perfect ring but times and people change and having that very special rock on my finger to symbolise our never ending circle of love is something I hold incredibly dear. Of course now that I have THE ring, I’m scared to wear it daily for I don’t want it to get damaged but I do pretend I’m not, get some of my cool back, and just bling it up on the school run regardless. I love looking down on it and thinking of the moment when it was presented to me, quite surprisingly and romantically and so very happily received.

The day last year, after 20 years together, 10 years of marriage and baking baby number 4, that I finally got to say yes and adore the perfect ring!

I wouldn’t go back in time and change my moment of saying yes, despite it coming ten years after we actually got married, because that moment is my perfect one and one I have forever. To change it, have it any other way, and it wouldn’t be quite right for me.

It’s just been our wedding anniversary marking 11 years and I needed no rings this time for I have my timeless piece of jewellery to mark my saying yes for the rest of my life. This year, to mark 11 years, we took note of the traditional and I bought Jonny a stainless steel oyster shucker. Steel represents 11 as it says you are strong and have withstood much but I feel like it’s all still rather new at times, but then hey, it’s only been a year since I have had my very special ring, a year since I officially said yes and so really and truly, it’s all quite first flush of love!

Celebrating 11 years of marriage on Southwold beach this past weekend!

A proposal can be anything you want it to be. My first proposal is no less because it was a decision over a question and my proposal moment years later is no more, just appreciated. What makes a marriage is the love, it just helps a few more smiles blinging the diamonds about!