Stairway To Heaven, Well… Bed!

Stairway To Heaven, Well… Bed!

As often happens when you begin adulting and buy your own home, the things you would have once sighed and rolled your eyes at become incredibly important and not only that but something which you absolutely enjoy! Choosing the right home decor, the really fun part, isn’t the only thing on your mind when it comes to making your home perfect though as there is a lot of hard graft and mess before you get to the good stuff! I hated the work involved in making our house the home we wanted it to be but now that it’s done I don’t half sit back and think yes, I’m so glad we did that (or, on a couple of things note how I’ll do them differently next time) and my absolute favourite part of our home is my bedroom, a room which didn’t come with the house when we bought it would you believe?! A loft conversion and we got the dreamer!

In order to make it perfect however and we’d needed a staircase manufacturers who could cope with a need for a turn without ANY compromise at all. Otherwise we’d have lost too much room on the floor below or broken my vision of a full sized elevation up to my turret. I wasn’t prepared to compromise on either – I know, imagine me being uncompromising! I’d lived in a converted flat in London for too long and needed space, lots of it! And I’d long dreamed of a big loft room where our bedroom could be part of the home of course, but a whole floor on its own. In London it had been a pipe dream but in Norfolk it became reality and though it took a while, was a lot of work (and money) we got there in the end after much deliberation on how, as well as many architects drawings, the dream was realised. Like I said, it didn’t just happen and work had to go in to making the vision reality but all the bugs were worth it. The main bug bear? The stair case… However, I got my wish. A modular staircase (kit) provided me with the most gloriously open steps up to my room and all the way up I feel happy every evening when I go to bed. It’s where I have floor to very high ceiling photograph walls and it’s a place to see all the happy, smiling faces of the people I love most in the world!

My bedroom, but when we moved in this was but storage in the loft!
No compromise necessary!

Our loft room looks and feels as if it’s always been a part of the house which is immense as it has afforded us so much space but the real tie in, between the first floor and the loft, is the beautiful staircase…

I sit on the stairs all the time… This was pondering hard wood or carpet… I may change my mind!

I’m never happier than climbing into my big loft bedroom bed of an evening, even better if I’ve got all my guys with me… It was meant to be a grown up bed room but of course, they all want to be in there too and actually, I rather love it!

Movie night for 6… Oh why not?!