Wonder Cabaret – Norfolk!

Wonder Cabaret – Norfolk!

Pre pandemic and lockdown number one was the last time, before we went to Wonder Cabaret, that Jonny and I had been out together in the evening. Since then we’ve had another baby (which has made date night a tiny bit trickier) and we’ve been in and out of lockdowns with theatre and live performances being one of the most greatly affected of all the arts. It’s wonderful then to be able to get out and see live entertainment again and choosing Wonder cabaret to break our spell of “just the two of us” dates was a fab choice.

I had no idea what to expect as it had been a tremendously long time since I’d visited the Ocean Rooms (I was about 16 for a club night on my last visit) and I could barely remember what the place looked like. Of course I had no idea what the cabaret would be like either but we were willing and able with a baby sitter and we set off jubilant to be having a few hours of alone time. I love being with us all together best of all but a bit of grown up time is needed now and then and we felt lucky that my Mum agreed to have all four of the babes!

The ocean rooms from the outside didn’t look particuarly special but as soon as we walked through the doors we were transported back to the age of the ballroom and with glittering sparkle we took our seat in a booth (which comes with a bottle of prosecco) and sat down to enjoy the show!

Our booth!

The show began, as it happened with an invite to families and we could have absolutely have brought the children just as others had done. There was a singer in sequins, a magician and a comedy act as well as some curious wondering as a performance of razor blade swallowing.

Good old fashioned fun in Norfolk which the children would have loved (I always miss them when we’re out, the idea of it is always better than the reality as I feel we are always better together) and we had a great time soaking up the atmosphere which made us feel like we were in a time gone by!

Super fun!

We were invited to see the performance as guests of the show.