Dearest Posie – You Are two Months Old!

Dearest Posie – You Are two Months Old!

Dearest Posie,

Two months has flown by in a nano and you are so much a part of our family it’s like you have always been here. We know you so well and you us and you just slot right in. We dance around you and Raffie, the two smallest, you are the axles to the Rocknrollerbaby world!

Your brothers continue to absolutely adore you, the novelty of a tiny newborn baby having not worn off but grown and grown and your sister is so in love with you too. I watch the four of you together and cannot believe my luck! What a lucky Mummy I am!

You started smiling properly at 5 weeks and now you babble and entertain us with conversation. You don’t sleep much but you don’t cry as long as I’m holding you and though you do have a moment every evening (at dinner time), you are such a calm baby. Despite the noise in this busy, loud house! I remember with Florence wanting everything quiet and calm and being obsessed with that… Well, no such luck for you being number 4 kiddo but you don’t seem to mind. Who could with such love coming at them!

No one can pass you by without smooching your velveteen cheeks and everyone wants to hold you all the time – no wonder you’ve grown so accustomed to being cuddled and won’t be put down in the pram, car seat, cot, crib or Dock! We don’t mind, in fact, we rather love cuddling you too and now you have been able to meet some friends and family we are getting to finally show you off to everyone. Xxxx

Loving bath time!
Baby prints!
Your first (on line) event with George at Asda!
Wearing Flobo’s old clothes!
A solution to getting the hoovering done with a baby who doesn’t want to be put down!
Raffie wants to hold you all the time!
And kiss you!
You are so beautiful!
The day the schools opened!
At the park!
My little smiler!
You DO take a bottle… Sometimes!
Your hands!
And toes!
Always in pink – Gram doesn’t approve and calls gender bias. I can’t help it!
All the brothers adoring!
Your birth announcement with the wrong birth time… My expensive mistake!
We got them made again to send out with your tiny foot prints and hone bees!
Oh Posie!
Wearing special clothes!
Raffie is always by your side!
A special hat knitttied by our friend joy in Australia!
Mother’s Day!
Wearing your Ballet Shoes outfit on Mother’s Day which you promptly pooed on!
One of the children in Daddy’s class brought this lovely comforter in for you!
Finally fitting into the baby grow I bought for you to come home from the hospital in!
Modelling for George at Asda!
And again!
Red Nose Day!
More cuddles!
Little tongue!
Hat bought by my friend Sam and finally fitting you!
Meeting Uncle Phil!
And Mummy’s oldest friend!
Feeling warmth from the sunshine for the first time!
With your sister!
In the dappled shade!
More love and chats!
A rare moment – lasted 37 seconds!
Cuddles with Granny!
With auntie Tory and cousin Rose!
You have the best cheeks!