MagiCube Animals By Geomags!

MagiCube Animals By Geomags!

Geomags make a multitude of building and construction toys for children with their magnetic tiles being the most synonymous to the name. Jimmy loved his Geomags and played with them often as his love of all things construction grew and grew. He still has a really engineering type brain I think and is obsessed with how things work so no wonder he loved those tiles so much, they really tapped into his interests andd he would spend hours building and rebuilding using them.

Just like his big brother Raffie is mega into building and blocks too and after being introduced to the Geomags brand with their news MagiCubes animals – perfect for a smaller hand – I think we can say we have another little Geomags fan in the house!

MagiCubes animal set containing 9 magnetic blocks suitable for ages 1-5.
Raffie played with them for 2 hours straight the first time and I thought perhaps it was a fluke, that surely he couldn’t be THAT into 9 little blocks?!
However, it appears he really is!

He just sits and makes and creates for hours, putting them together one way then another and finds it both satisfying and fascinating that they are magnetic and stick together so easily!

He enjoys playing with this one set so much I think we will have to get him some more. This is a set which comes with instructions to build different animals but just like his big brother Raffie far prefers to freestyle and build his own!

What a fab little set!
With so many ways to build!

The prescription is there for anyone who likes to follow instructions and see the result come together as it is shown but there is so much scope for free play with these blocks too – we think they’re ace!

We were gifted this set as part of a collaboration with Geomags.

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