Five Tips For A Beautiful New Garden

Five Tips For A Beautiful New Garden

A family garden is something to take great pride in. However, when your garden is a little lacklustre, you may need to use some professional tips to bring it to its former glory or add to its pre-existing charms. Garden design should not necessarily be left to professionals – you can do it yourself, so let’s take a look at how! 

1. Harmony between inside and outside 

The game between the inside and the outside is one of the most fascinating – and when there is a clear concept for the house, it is easy to deploy it outwards. The garden must speak to the interior of the house – not always in the same voice and tone, but always with some reference. The same planning meticulousness and design language inside the house should be preserved outside as well in terms of design language, colour palettes and the type of furniture you like (eg. Are you into eco-friendly rattan or prefer an industrial style?)  

2. Design and planning according to needs and hobbies 

Do you love to read a book in the evening, BBQ a good steak in the evening, entertain friends or play with the kids? Very soon you will find that outside hobbies and stays are much more enjoyable. Create adequate lighting and keep things orderly; for example, keep an area of lawn just for the kids to play ball games on. You will need to look at mowers too. Design whatever else you desire too; such as a herb garden or a rose garden. 

3. Garden with several areas 

A garden with several areas creates a richer look. A combination of a dining table, a general seating area and a place for a morning coffee, create luxurious elements. In this instance you can add hanging hammocks and a beautiful bistro table. You can keep a place for the kids’ pool and maybe even a mini tennis court if you have the space. Definition is your friend.

4. Accessories that tell a story 

Even if you have chosen the most beautiful garden furniture, take a step forward and incorporate personal components that are meaningful to you. A souvenir from a trip to Mexico, a set of garden lanterns from a flea market, or even aromatic outdoor candles. These added elements bring character to the garden and help tell your story. Your garden after all, does determine and define your personality, even if you think it doesn’t. 

5. The elements that make up an atmosphere 

Design consists of hopes, shapes, colors and textures. It is easy to understand that a space dominated by one raw material has been overthrown monotonously and even oppressive, so keep things fresh and look at adding new styles and textures. It is important to combine raw materials, complementary colors, lines and shapes, to keep the garden both interesting and stylish. The general architecture of the garden will also add to the home’s value. The more effort you put in, the more reward you will have at the end of it.


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