Dearest Raffie – You Are 6 Months Old!

Dearest Raffie,

Six months. Half a year. A half birthday!

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, time is going SO fast it’s like we’re on a hill and running down it as fast as we can while gravity pushes us a bit harder. I love it but I don’t half wish it could slow down a bit too. Because these moments that have happened in the past six months, the ones which have taken my newborn from a tiny little dot of red in a red hat and tiny baby clothes which were too big, to his own little person today have been blink and you’ll miss them!

Thankfully I knew not to blink… Third time and it seems I’ve learned. First time I strove for Florence to DO everything and we went to baby groups every day so worried was I that she needed the earliest education daily. I worried and worried and worried and I missed loads because I spent that time either in a panic that I was doing things wrong, tracking sleep (hers and my own) and at the Doctor’s checking nothing was actually wrong (we even went to A&E once because she slept for three hours straight – the verdict was she was tired, as was I)! With Jimmy and I was so busy rushing around entertaining Florence at all her groups and activities that he was just whipped along for the ride. I’m not sure I got to spend much quality time with just him until his big sister started nursery when he was 8 months old and that time just evaporated…

So. With you I knew. Blink and you’ll miss it, soak up every second, try not to panic, just stare and stare and stare at you. And enjoy you. And I have. I’ve enjoyed every second of the last 6 months and I’ve been trying very hard not to blink at all because I don’t want to miss a bloody thing!

You can do so many things now and you have just started trying your first foods which you seem to be enjoying more than anything. You’ve always sat at the table with us in your Tripp Trapp chair like the big kids but in a newborn set and I think that’s made you very intrigued about food and want to be a part of the whole situation. I love that now you are big enough to join us even though it means changing that newborn set to the baby set because you’re not a newborn anymore!

This month you’ve had your first Easter, your first time in a swing, your first food… Lots of firsts for you but we have lots more to come! I’m looking forward to all the seconds coming up, not missing any of them either and soaking up a bit more of my amazingly wonderous babe!

Six months eh… SIX MONTHS! Happy half birthday my darling heart!

We re-created my pregnancy announcement notice from last year on the 29th March only this time with you in it too!
My first Mother’s Day as a Mummy pf three! Three really is the magic number!
My Mother’s Day necklace – I have the three sweetest peas in the whole darn pod!
You’re such a monkey and you don’t sleep but you look this cute so it doesn’t matter!
You and me babe – we are the coolios!
You don’t like to be put down, you don’t like to be away from me at all really and I don’t mind one bit because the feeling is very mutual! I do the cleaning with you like this!
We’ve been up to London a few times this month!
A Leytonstone gathering with pals!
Another celeb meet – this time Frankie Bridge at a Cadbury’s event!
You’re still loving your bouncer!
You discovered soft play for the first time at Willows Farm!
You met the characters of the new Peter Rabbit film at Willows farm too – we went to see this at the cinema and you watched almost the whole thing!
You’ve totally discovered those little feet!
You are such a happy baby and always happiest to see me – aren’t I lucky!
First time in a swing at Banham Zoo!
Showing me in the Steps chair at Gram’s house that you are totally ready for the high chair to be converted with a baby set at home!
Another day, another wall… You’ll get used to me kiddo!
A family day out!