Different Choices With Femme Luxe!

Different Choices With Femme Luxe!

Since I’ve been shopping with Femme Luxe I’ve been granted the gift of choosing affordable fashion that I might otherwise have shied away from. I’ve grown to know what to expect from them in terms of sizing (accurate) and how their cuts look on my body and as such have dipped my bottom into a different colour scheme than I might usually choose. I’m a black for everything kind of girl favouring the darker shade to camouflage myself and make me feel smaller, less visible and able to blend. But fundamentally that’s not who I am as a person so with the trust I’ve built with this brand of clothing I’ve felt able to leap a bit into lighter shades, different styles and give myself a break in the sense that if I know I can feel comfortable in something different, I can give it a go and not worry what others think. We always say “it doesn’t matter what people think of you” but we all know it can knock our confidence if we think “they” might be judging. So the confidence is key and I have confidence in FL so when I wear the clothes I have the confidence in myself to say who cares if anyone else doesn’t like it.

Shying away from my cammo of black I’ve delved into grey and blue and lilac for this of my latest hauls and I’m digging it. I really am!

Who’d have thought a year ago that I’d be in a crop top. Not only that but head to toe in light shades!

I love the material of both these items. The trousers are stretchy but cut really well so they don’t actually have to be while the top is silky smooth without any of that flammable feel lots of silken style garments own. It feels far more expensive than the price tag and the bulbous, floating, tulip sleeves are super flattering. IF anyone IS judging me for having my midriff on show then their eyes are totally taken away to the arms, which are beautiful!

Half of anything when it comes to looking good is FEELING it and finding clothes that pack confidence in is essential to that vibe!

Moving into more unchartered territories for me with my Femme Luxe shopping has been choosing skirts that come above the knee and yet wearing them without tights. I have ALWAYS been a mini skirt girl but I have never, in my adult life, worn them without thick black tights to hide the legs I’ve never felt comfortable with. Somehow the confidence has grown and I’ve ordered more and more since dipping my toes in with knee length dresses until I’ve gone full on mini! This grey, cropped AND mini, Co-Ord is so wildly different to my usual style it’s miles apart and yet I am really enjoying the freedom of wearing it!

It’s only taken me 42 years to get my legs out (was gonna call them pins but am still too critical to suggest they are anything so svelte sounding)!
Changing styles, incorporating new ones and taking a leap into the unknown when it comes to clothing is hard but worth it sometimes!

I’m not sure how I’ve managed to be ok with jumping ship from the dark hues but I have and I’m sticking with it. Summer is for light, bright and fun. I’ll save my black tights and boots for the winter but for now… Well, I’m up for trying anything be it White Dresses (I remember taking one back my husband bought me as a gift based entirely on the fact white would make me look fat and without even trying it on), Denim Shorts (I’d traditionally NEVER wear shorts as my pudding knees would be on show) or anything else out of my comfort zone. I’d also, always, still love my Black Dresses too of course but it’s about being able to mix things up!

Collaboration with Femme Luxe.