What Do You Do For Advent?

You might have noticed that this blog has all gone a bit festive of late! I LOVE Christmas and the build up is, for me, the best bit. I often talk about how a Friday day time is the best part of the weekend with the excitement of it all to come and it’s the same when it comes to Christmas. Christmas Eve has us all in fever pitch with excitement and it’s the best feeling ever. So that we don’t lose it on Christmas Day I even make us wait until after lunch, around 5pm, befofe we’re allowed to open our big presents. We have stockings as soon as we get up of course but I like the suspense so much I don’t want it over in an instant!

And right now, althought still November, I sense that bubbling anticipation and we are embracing it fully with trips to the theatre for festive shows and Christmassy outings like ice skating! Yesterday I saw on my Facebook Timeline that a friend has even put her tree up already! I might not go THAT hard core Christmas but I’m certainly looking forward to the period of advent when we can A) Welcome our elves back into our home and B) Start opening those calendars! There’s nothing like a chocolate in the morning to lift your spirits eh!

These are our elves named by Florence as Lily and Tasha! They go back to the North Pole for 11 months of the year and stay with us for one. They do some pretty naughty things like turning the milk blue as they had done here but we love them!

The children love the process of opening their calendars and last years had about four on the go. Grandparents had sent them one and I’d bought them one and in the end, well, it was more than just a tiny amount of chocolate that they had each morning! Any other time of the year and you’d be laughing at the notion of 4 chocolates before breakfast but in December somehow it’s acceptable eh!

This year I don’t even have to just look on longingly as the children eat theirs because CEWE Photobook have sent me my very own chocolate advent calendar too! I always buy desk top calendars for the Grandparents (and us) from them each year as they are gorgeous with personalised photographs for each month and the chocolate advent calendars they sell also have a personalised photograph on them! They totally surprised me with mine and chose a picture from my Instagram feed to use. It made me laugh so much when I opened it!

My chocolate advent calendar from CEWE Photobook!
My chocolate advent calendar from CEWE Photobook!

I ABSOLUTELY love it and the best bit is that it has a Ferrero chocolate for every morning. Not only does this mean a choccy for Mummy every day but it’s also a choccy I won’t have to share with the children because they have their own calendars. And I can laugh at the funny picture of us every day too! My calendar would cost £19.99 to buy but they have photo calendars from £6.99 and other types of chocolate to choose from too. LOVE IT and can’t wait to get making my desktop 2016 calendars with them now!

I did what I forbid the children to do with theirs and had a sneaky peek at the chocs and they look YUM!
I did what I forbid the children to do with theirs and had a sneaky peek at the chocs; they look YUM!

I do absolutely love the advent calendar for building the excitement of Christmas. I’m looking forward to having mine every day and might make one for my Mum too. It won’t take me half as long to scan in a photo of the children and have it delivered to her by CEWE Photobook as it’s taking me to knit one for a freind.

I started off knitting mini stockings (pattern coming soon on the blog) to fill with chocolates and hand around wine bottles for the teachers at school and then I had the idea of knitting 24 to string and send to a friend for Christmas… I might not make it in time so we shall see. At least I know if I order one of the personalised chocolate ones it will get there for the 1st December!

One of many of the mini stockings I am knitting for two different projects!
One of many of the mini stockings I am knitting for two different projects!

So, that’s what we’ll be doing in December every morning. What do you do for advent?

Thanks CEWE Photobook, I love my calendar!

4 thoughts on “What Do You Do For Advent?

  1. I love the photo Advent calendar – that’s a really good idea – ours usually get mixed up, but this is a good way of making sure everyone keeps to their own!

    Advent is going to be a hectic time in our house, as we are getting a new kitchen fitted, so anything to do with Christmas will sadly be put on hold until after it’s finished. There’s always time for chocolate though!

  2. Wow, what a time for a new kitchen, you are a brave woman! Best of luck with it and thanks so much for the comment! 🙂

  3. Yum I love Ferrero and the calendar’s such a lovely idea, as are your mini stockings – so cute!!

    This year I treated myself to an obscenely priced advent calendar; it’s a gingerbread house which you open an envelope and add a new piece to each day, I couldn’t resist!!

  4. I love those mini stockings! I have a piece of string and envelopes pegged along it with numbers on like a christmas treat washing line, my son loves it!

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