Just Call Us The Von Trapps!

This week has mainly been spent running the routine of normal life with a few little gems thrown in to make life worth living. Not big things, they rarely float my boat as much as the tiny bits, but little moments of lovlieness making the dark mornings and early evenings much more bearable.

The things which have made me smile:

The school photos have been ordered and I love them, the children have (mainly) been getting on well, Florence’s dance teacher told me she’s ready for her Grade 1 exams, Jimmy told me I am the best Mummy in the whole wide world, Florence got on to GOLD at school, we had a great night at the theatre seeing ‘Elf The Musical’, Jimmy learned to whistle, I bought lots of lovely Christmassy bits from IKEA and my knitting project for the teacher’s Christmas presents is well under way.

At Elf The Musical in the West End!
At Elf The Musical in the West End!
School photos are ordered and on their way!
School photos are ordered and on their way!

The things Jimmy says make me smile every week and this week he’s said some absolute corkers. I love how he’s so quirky and inventive. I sometimes think, when he’s talking about growing up in America or being an old man that looks after children in schools, that he might have had a previous life? Whether he has or hasn’t he’s certainly making us laugh with all his stories of which he has many. They often start with things like ‘When I was a dog…’ Or ‘When I was a grown up in America’… He also provides some great one liners which come out daily. Some are funny, some are bonkers (like him) and some are a little bit naughty really but they still make me laugh when he’s not looking. Three of my favourites from this week are:

  1. On the way out of the school gates…

‘Oh look Mummy, there’s Mr Foxy. I know ALL about Mr Foxy. It all happens in his office you see…’

Mr Foxy thought it was nice to be known! 

2. Talking about his teacher Miss Lovely.

‘She’s not my best friend anymore. She said BAD words to me and I’m just not going to be her friend now.’

She had told him it wasn’t nice to sing ‘na, na, na, na, na’ a la Horrid Henry and I quite agree!

3. Getting ready for the theatre…

‘Please don’t make me wear that tank top over my shirt Mummy. It’s NOT cool and I actually look like a rockstar as I am!’

Where DOES he get these ideas from?

Talking about being rock stars, take a little look at this impromtu reggae performance from when Daddy got home for the weekend yesterday! Makes my heart kind of melt a little bit!

Happy weekend everyone! 🙂



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