Proper Pickle Sandwiches – English Provender!

I love pickle. I love it so much that I have with all sorts of food most people wouldn’t but I think it’s hereditory because my family also do the same!

I like all sorts of pickles, onion pickles, dill pickles, pickle pickles… I lke them smooth, small chunk and chunky… I’m not that picky about pickles I just like them!

Like I said, I have them with lots of different types of food, not just your regular ‘Ploughman’s’ and one of my favourite dishes to have with it on the side is a yummy scrummy shepherds pie. It’s pretty wicked and perfect fodder for this type of November weather.

Of course I also like a traditional cheese and pickle sarnie too. Who doesn’t? So when English Provender sent me a selection of their new ‘Proper Pickles’ I wanted to make a twist on that classic. They have both finely chopped and chunky traditional pickle in the range which would go perfectly wth a cheddar sanger but as I wanted to make my sandwiches a little bit different, I chose to use the Pickled Onion and Beetroot pickles in two slightly different ‘cheese and pickle sandwiches’!

The new ‘Proper Pickle’ range from English Provender!

Firstly I am very particular when it comes to bread for sandwiches. Any old loaf simply won’t do and I have very specific needs when it comes to the vehicle of dough which carries my sandwiches. Favourite breads of mine for sandwiches are M&S Frech Baguette (It’s so deliciously better than other baguettes), The low GI seeded loaf from Percy Ingle (it’s amazing) and the simple but oh so tasty Warburtons Thins which are fairly low in calories compared to a slice of normal bread. For these two sandwich recipes I chose to use the thins because they are not only lighter, making them perfect for lunch, but they hold their fillings super well.

First up I made a grilled halloumi, courgette and chorizo sandwich on white thins using the beetroot chutney. I love this combination of veg with salty cheese and meat and the piquant beetroot chutney finished them off perfectly! Yum! Just use a griddle for all the ingredients and gently brown before adding them to the bread which has been lightly spread with just the chutney. No butter required for this one as the juices from the chorizo and cheese ooze gently into the pickles making the bread just right!


For my second twist on the cheese and pickle sandwich I decided to make a pregnant ladie’s dreamer of a sarnie and used tuna with mayonnaise (I’ve gone of Hellman’s by the way and am absolutely loving Heinz mayonnaise at the moment, it’s sweeter and so much more creamy!), grated cheddar cheese AND… the Pickled Onion Proper Pickle. Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Again I didn’t use butter because I think the pickle speaks for itself and this time I used brown thins instead of white. Just to mix it up a bit more!

Warburtons Cheese and Pickle

Well, I appreciate the second one might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I like it and I’m not even pregnant. The first one however, ws appreciated by all who tried it here!

Like I said, love a bit of pickle and these ones are proper pickles indeed!

This post is an entry into the #ProperPickle Challenge with The English Provender Co and Foodies100.

10 thoughts on “Proper Pickle Sandwiches – English Provender!

    1. Do, they’re lovely and the packaging is goegeous, was thnking would look great in special hamper gifts for Christmas! 🙂

  1. I just couldn’t help but notice the sandwich thins in all those delicious looking pics – who would have thought the humble sandwich could be improved by a thinner slice of bread!

  2. Yummy. These look delicious.
    I love the sound of the second and I am not pregnant.

    I only ever use Heinz Mayo for the reason you put. It is by far the best x

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