Donkey Does The Sunshine!

The children and I have been enjoying all this lovely sunshine that Britain has been having. It’s been like being abroad but without having to travel anywhere. Most unusual for this country but hey, we’re going with it, it’s great

We’ve not been entirely geared up for it though I have to say and a lack of air conditioning in the house has made for fretful nights sleep as well as worrying about being out and about exposed to the rays all day long. I’ve been doing various things to shade the children in Le Donk but none have been brilliantly successful. Draping muslins and black out buggy blinds is fine but they like to see out and try to pull down what I have fashioned. Florence just point blank refuses to be shaded but its not feasible to allow them to be in the full sunshine!

I’ve often looked at the Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy for my Bee but never got around to buying one. With the sun this year it’s been superb then to try out the new style Breezies for the Donkey. So superb that I am now realising I SO should have invested in one for my Bee. The Breezy Canopy is available for the Bee. Cameleon and Donkey (of course) and has been utterly invaluable!

Bugaboo Breezy Canopy 3
This is how it looks in double mode!

So… What’s so special about it? Well, on the box this is what it says:

protects your child: provides a UPF of 50+ and is water-repellent (excl. integrated mesh parts)

Extendable sun canopy: unzips to give extra coverage and ventilation

Multifunctional sun canopy: offers head-to-toe sun coverage and mosquito protection (excl. Bugaboo Bee)

Zip up window for easy access and ventilation

Provides sun protection and shade

Dedicated version for all Bugaboo strollers


The fine mesh allows cool breezes through

Teflon® coating gives fabric water- & oil- repellency

Innovative construction for optimal air flow

Mesh part can be zipped up

Fabric offers UPF 50+ (excl. integrated mesh panels)

And it’s all true. It works. Not that I would expect anything from Bugaboo to not work but I have had sun shades in the past which have been utter rubbish! These ones are perfect, absolutely perfect!

Popping the canopies on the buggy was no hassle, took 5 minutes per unit and then we were ready to go out in the sun!

The canopy has a zipped part at the back which can make it extended and then in another zipped part at the front is even more material to extend right over feet and hook under the frame of the seat.

Bugaboo Breezy Canopy
This is how it works!
Bugaboo Breezy Canopy 1
The whole canopy extends using clever zips and hidden material!

The baby can see out of the mesh parts on the side and also there is a zipped area which can be rolled up so that you can either see on or to allow the baby to see out.

Bugaboo Breezy Canopy 2
Even with this window open the baby is still pretty much protected and as long as you don’t point them directly in the sunlight, they can happily enjoy watching the world go by!

I think my favourite features are that neither of my children were hot and clammy when coming out of the buggy so it definitely keeps air flowing well and I loved that I could see in from many different mesh panels!

Bugaboo Breezy Canopy 4
Easy to see in, easy to see out!

Yet another fab product in the Bugaboo family! Super impressed with this and have literally nothing I could say would be an improvement!

There’s more exciting news from Bugaboo by the way and yet another exciting collaboration to give your buggy a make over! Pendleton Woolen Mills have made some very exciting new canopies and blankets and the Donkey is a fabulous red and black tartan! Blankets that are either matching the pattern on the canopy or made with the same colours compliment and each buggy has a different signature look! They look wonderful and perfect for the winter! I love the Bee’s new colours best I think and it’s such an interesting pattern! I have to say they are all very gender neutral which is great for the baby you are pushing but also for Daddy to push too! Love Bugaboo!

Pendleton bee

I have not been paid to write this post.


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