How To Host A Duvet Day – #SaveSummer!

It’s summer holidays time and that only means one thing! Bring on the fun!

With six whole weeks at home, it is up to us as parents to build entertainment for our little ones! Days out and entertaining children can be super expensive though so as well as the odd trip out to a theme park for a treat we need to do some brilliant things at home too!

We’re taking part in the Asda #SaveSummer challenge! This means that every week of the school holidays we will, as a family, take on a fun task set by Asda and share our antics with you! The good news is that the challenges are all really good value for money, of course, because everything you need comes from Asda!

This week, our second week on the challenge, we decided to have a ‘Duvet Day’! Don’t know what that is? It’s chill out, family style! Every busy little’n’ loves to have some down time and Florence always loves snuggling up on the sofa to watch a film or two! Choose a rainy day or one where you’re just in need of some rest, relaxation and cuddles and get comfy on the sofa together for a movie marathon or even better, make like us and build a den to take your pillows, cushions and blankets into before tucking into a big bowl of snacks in front of the movies!

How do you do it?

1. To begin you’ll need to wake up.

2. Grab everything off the beds; pillows, duvets, sheets and any pets you

3. Make some popcorn and gather everyone in to watch a DVD, or three.

4. Don’t leave until tomorrow.

Just look what we got up to on our ‘Duvet Day’! We decided that we would dress up in fancy dress so Florence chose to be a Disney Princess and Jimmy, who only has one outfit of the dress up nature, wore his Bumble Bee outfit!

Duvet Day 8
This is what we saw when we looked out of the window today – the perfect day for a duvet day!
Duvet Day 6
The children got dressed up as their favourite characters and we put some yummy snacks in bowls!
Duvet Day 7
Then we built our den and got in it! The first film we watched was Disney’s Tarzan and there might have been some chocolate snacks too!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was supplied with the necessary tools to join in with the #SaveSummer challenge set by Asda.