I would never give a child an energy drink… Or would I?

Ordinarily it would be an absolutely not! However, new protein drink ‘Upbeat‘ hasn’t got anything harmful for little ones and is a very natural way of boosting energy so in this case… The answer is a yes!

Upbeat is 99% whey protein concentrate (from British milk) and real fruit (puree and juice). The other 1%? A little pectin (from fruit) as a stabiliser and lactic acid for taste and texture with lastly, a tiny bit of sucralose to get the right sweetness without adding more sugar or calories. Did I mention there’s only 150 calories in a bottle?!

Upbeat Post

The ‘Upbeat’ protein drink!

I’m doing the 5/2 diet which means two days of the week I only allow myself 500 calories. Mostly I just juice on these days but a drink like ‘Upbeat’ is ideal for if I get really low in energy! The whey protein drink is low in fat but full of good natural fruit juice sugar to give you a boost and make you, well, upbeat! Florence had a long day yesterday, nursery followed by ballet and then Girl’s Brigade and she had a small glass on the way home in between!

It tastes like a cross between a milkshake and a smoothie and we particularly like the mango flavour – yum!

I was sent some bottles of ‘Upbeat’ for the purpose of an honest review.