The Easter Bunny Makes His ‘Presents’ Known!

We started Easter a little early yesterday and had a chocolate egg and spoon race followed by a mini egg hunt on Richmond Green with friends. It was just meant to be for some photos for a blogging project but the children loved it and totally got into it! It’s given me some ideas for Easter weekend.

Easter Post

Florence and Jimmy having early Easter fun yesterday with a friend!

So my two are now both old enough to go hunting for eggs but even when they weren’t I liked to treat them to something special for Easter. The thing is, what DO you buy if chocolate isn’t appropriate? I have an ‘expecting’ friend and I want to buy the bump something – clearly not chocolate although I’m sure my friend would gladly eat some for the baby! And another pal I know has a newborn… I could buy something ordinary of course, a new item of clothing or a baby toy but what I really want is something festive for Easter!

There’s some very cute Easter Baby Gifts at including some pretty gorgeous bunny related presents! I particularly like the personalised bunny bib and the gorgeous bunny shoes which would be perfect for a tiny baby. Of course when shopping I always find things I’m not looking for and spotted a wonderfully different bunny egg cup which I would like for my two! The egg cup is also personalised and I think it would make a fantastic alternative Easter present don’t you?

Bunny Gifts

Easter gifts from!

I love the idea of personalised baby gifts as something extra special. I have similar things which people bought for me when I was a baby and I’ve kept them forever! For now my friends bump won’t be fully cooked enough for a personalised Easter present but when he or she comes along in mid May I think something just for them will be the ticket for a newborn gift!

The same friend bought Florence a gorgeous pink bunny when she came along and of course we’ve kept it! I want to get something my friend’s baby will keep too so as soon as I find out if its a pink or a blue and we know his or her name I can get cracking. For now I’ll have to concentrate on Easter and buying something which would be great for a girl OR a boy!

So I know it’s early but I don’t care! I’m planning bunting, egg hunting and Easter bunny fun in the garden! Now all we need to compliment it is some sunshine!

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