Drought-Proofing Your Garden Is Easier Than You Think

Drought-Proofing Your Garden Is Easier Than You Think

Droughts are something that every passionate gardener fears. You worry that a lack of moisture is going to wreck all your hard work. 

Fortunately, though, you can fight back against prolonged dry spells during the summer using the following techniques. 

Carry Two Watering Cans At Once

Okay, this piece of advice might sound a little silly, but it works really well. When you have two cans, you automatically increase the amount you’re watering, which is excellent for preventing the soil from becoming desiccated in hot weather.

You’ll look a little odd as you’re shuffling along with two cans. But you’ll soak the ground more than you ordinarily would. And this will help to keep the soil moisture at a level that prevents plants from turning brown. 

Cover Delicate Plants

Covering delicate plants with shade is essential during the heatwave, even if you water them every day. Some species can burn quickly, and this makes them less viable in the following seasons. Today, you can get cheap shelters for your veg patches and flower beds you can place over them when the sun is directly overhead. 

Start Using Artificial Turf

Maintaining a pristine lawn is a considerable challenge during the summer months. The direct sunshine bakes the grass, and everything ultimately winds up looking very brown. 

Artificial turf, however, is different. It never discolours, and you don’t have to water it to keep it verdant on long summer days. 

Artificial grass costs are also usually lower than traditional lawns when you take all factors into account, such as the price of mowers. 

Use A Gardening App
Knowing where you’ve watered and when can be a challenge unless you’re keeping track of it meticulously. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this by hand. You can now buy gardening apps that show you the areas you’ve covered and which plants you need water next. A lot of software connects weather information online, allowing you to plan your watering. For instance, you may need extra moisture in the soil for the following day if the forecast says temperatures are going to rise.

Use Mulch

Mulch is a miraculous thing in so many ways, but it is incredibly helpful for keeping the soil moist. It acts as an insulating barrier, preventing high-energy solar radiation from evaporating moisture. It also helps to keep the temperature of the earth down so that water remains in it for longer. 

Take Advantage Of Dry Season Germination

If things are dry, don’t despair. Take it as an opportunity to sow dry season plants. There are a large number of species adapted to desert conditions which can thrive even if there is practically no moisture in the ground. 

Put Your Irrigation On A Timer

Continuing with the high-tech theme, you can also put your irrigation system on a timer. Most automatic systems allow you to program them from your phone. You may even be able to manage them through an app that optimises watering patterns. Set up irrigation systems to spray water at the base of plants to prevent wastage.