Mookie Fun – CurliGirls, Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher and Break the Board!

Mookie Fun – CurliGirls, Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher and Break the Board!

Mookie Fun – CurliGirls, Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher and Break the Board!

Three brand new toys from Mookie are about to hit the shops in time for Christmas and we’ve lucky enough to have been some of the first families to try them out! CurliGirls, Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher and Break the Board were opened to much excitement – my kids were off the scale Christmas morning mode – and they’ve been keeping them mega entertained on all the rainy days we’ve been having! Christmas come early or what?!

Mookie, a leading global toy brand with ranges for children of all ages, are one of the UK’s top 10 toy suppliers and with 30 years experience under their play belts it’s no wonder that they know what’s what when it comes to toys!

Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher!

Originally launched in January (before the world started spinning back wards) Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher (£39.99) was a hit with families straight away – Florence and Jimmy are in agreement about its fun capacity and have been endlessly giggling while playing this robot battle game! Futuristic robots who have a series of moves (including a combo punch) accompanied by fab sound effects and LED illuminated eyes are massively appealing to my eight year old son (and his baby brother it has to be said) but I was kind of surprised that Florence loved it so much too. A fab all rounder that got Daddy and Gram involved too. The aim of the game is to burst your opponent’s balloon first, using the fighter power fists to secure the win! It’s a fun two-player game but you can also take the challenge alone by going up against ‘Al, the undefeatable balloon puncher’ character. Jimmy is definitely taking advantage of being able to play against the character Al and it has got him away from the computer which is a massive win in my book!

He loves this game so much and has spent hours on his own setting it up and resetting it each time a balloon pops. He loves that the glasses come with the game to make the balloon a character and I love that it comes with a massive pack of balloons although I will be buying more soon as they are dwindling – you can use any balloons!
The glasses go around the balloon with a clear elastic but Jimmy also likes to draw faces on the balloons!

It is a tremendous Christmas afternoon game for ALL ages and I can just see us all having a marathon winner stays on match after lunch this year. That’s how we’ve been playing as a family and it works well. Is a game which provides many a laugh and appeals to all no matter age or skill set. A real joiner inner!

Fab fun with the Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher – you can see him in action on my Insta story highlights!

Break the Board (£19.99) is a karate skills game which again is something Jimmy was VERY excited about as soon as he saw the box!

Break the Board!

Now a while ago Jimmy went to ONE karate lesson but refused to go back because he’d thought he would get to chop wood in half and obviously… He didn’t so he simply wasn’t prepared to go again. Break the Board however has provided him with JUST this type of karate fantasy entertainment – I think he definitely likes the idea of doing REAL karate than the reality (much like me when I fancied myself as an air hostess clip clopping in heels over an airport shiny floor but was actually too afraid of flying to want to do the real thing – let’s just say when I interviewed for a very famous red uniformed airline and got the job then had to decline I wasn’t popular with them)! This game indulges his inner karate kid and lets him become a karate chopper extraordinaire – aside from the karate kicks and noises this is all he wants out of playing “karate”!

This is just up Jimmy’s street!
And I love that it challenges him and he can play solo – he seems to like doing this as much as when someone plays with him which is great!
So it gives him a set of commands with different levels of difficulty to choose from and then the final instruction is to “break the board”!

Up to 9 pals can challenge together to become the ultimate karate master using speed, skill and action as they “break the board”!


Though the next one didn’t appeal to my boys much it has to be said Florence was well happy to leave her brothers karate chopping while she had a play with the new Mookie range of dolls, the CurliGirls! CurliGirls hair is made from a brand new patented MagiCurl™ material which allows the child to pull the CurliGirls hair making it curl using either her hands or the tools that come with them and then dipping it in warm water to make it go back to being straight again. It can be styled and restyled again and again giving hours of fun and unlike other hair play products is more than a one trick pony! I think Florence likes the curling but she especially loves watching how the curls ping back to being straight within a second of hitting the water – hours of fun!

Curling the hair!
It takes a while because there is so much hair but is methodical and Florence enjoys this!
You can do the hair in hundreds of styles using all the clips, beads and accessories that come with them. Florence was doing little plaits all over this one!
Warm water will straughten the hair and you have to test the temperature first to make sure it’s just right!

CurliGirls is something Florence would have loved as a tiny one but at ten still wants to sit and do the hair and will spend a long time just sitting doing it as she watches T.V. With various different sets owning different price tags (for instance you can get one of four classic CurliGirls for £9.99, another 4 different choices in the deluxe sets for £14.99 and soon to be released will be a twin set for £22.99) you can go from stocking filler to main gift with the same range.

The sets Florence has been playing with are the Dance Party Kelli (£9.99) who comes with beads and hair accessories and the Fashionista Milli and Vogue Deluxe pack (£14.99) which comes with the doll, her pet and lots of hair styling and accessory products!

They are SUPER appealing to a magpie eye like Florence has, anything sparkling and with hair to play with is exactly what she likes and she especially loved doing the beads in the hair of both her dolls as she mixed and matched the sets once they were open. The pet Vogue also has hair which can be styled in the same way! Great stocking filler for the smaller packs and a hit spanning a wide age range so I’d say these ones are winners – especially as they can be styled and restyled over and over!

We were gifted these products as part of a paid campaign with Mookie Toys.

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