Elizabeth Grant From Ideal World!

This pregnancy I have not been graced with ‘the glow’… It’s come as a bit of a shock because in my previous two pregnancies my hair, nails and skin were amazing, better than they ever have been before in fact, but this time! Oh this time has been quite the antithesis!

Not only has my skin looked so dry it appears I have even more wrinkles than normal (SO not good) but to boot and add insult to injury I have been blessed with a dose of spots… Teenage skin only with the added bonus of the previously mentioned wrinkles and believe me, I have not been a happy bunny!

I have been trying everything, all my usual tricks and tips and nothing has been working. I put it down to hormones and assumed there would be nothing that could be done but then… I was sent some products from the Elizabeth Grant range at Ideal world and I am finally, FINALLY, getting that glow everyone talks about.

For the first time in weeks I went out of the house without any make up on the other day and it felt so good to be letting my skin breathe (more of what it needs) without worrying about how bad I look!

So… I’ve been using the Caviar Nutruriche Gold Edition range from the cleanser and toner to the face scrub and the moisturiser. And I have been LOVING them! They have literally saved my skin! It’s not perfect yet but it’s well on the way to getting back on track and the pesky spots that were littering myforehead in a hormonal frenzy of ‘WHAT THE EFF IS GOING ON?’ have just disappeared in less than a week – THANK GOODNESS!

I don’t usually use a cleanser instead choosing to clean my face with more astringent methods but this has been just the ticket for my tired and spot prone pregnancy skin and along with the gentle yet hard working face scrub I feel that my pores are cleaner, less open and the dry skin has simply vanished! I’ve used the toner underneath my make-up too and where most toners I find a little harsh this one does the job of closing open pores while still being very gentle on the skin and the moisturiser smells divine, like coffee!

Loving this range!

I’d not shopped at Ideal Home before but I certainly will be again! The products came very quickly, were packaged well and are a great price too. I love how the site gives such good descriptions of things not to mention offers good value deals.

I’d not actually heard of Elizabeth Grant before (not sure why?) but she is well and truly on my radar now and I will absolutely be ordering all these products again when mine run out – I can’t let my skin go back to what it was and need that pregnancy glow even if I have to have a bit of assistance!



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  1. I really love toners for skincare because I have quite large pores in places and always feel like they are doing the best job of cleaning all the gunk. This one sounds lovely. x

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