Summer At Mothercare 2017!

So tomorrow I am off to the press preview for Mothercare’s Autumn/Winter ranges 2017. Seems funny that in real life we are just starting to hope for some sunshine and in the media world we’re already planning Christmas but hey, that’s how it goes and i’m so used to it now.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was attending the preview for the Mothercare summer ranges for this year and of course I fell head over heels for their Little Bird offerings (can’t wait to see what’s coming for winter too)! But… As well as my favourite LB range which is designed by Jools Oliver (I have such a massive girl crush on her you know) I also found myself with a massive falling in love for the Mothercare own range of clothes for kids. There were so many pieces I just knew both the kids and I would agree on (believe me they have massive opinions on what they wear these days and it’s exhausting) and there was one dress in particular that before I even showed her I was certain Florence would not be able to resist!

I was so right! She was just like me when she saw it and had to put it on right away. So, despite it not being quite summer in temperatures yet (come on British weather – we need you) we took a trip to the bluebell woods near us (has to be done when you’re a blogger) and took some pictures of the children wearing my favourites from the Mothercare summer collection! Take a look!

Florence wears: Embroidered Daisy Shorts (£10 – 18-24 Months – 10 Years), Frill Vests 3 Pack (£9 – 18-24 Months – 10 Years), Pink Glitter Jelly Shoes (£7-£8 – Size Jnr 3 – 13) and White Broderie Sun Hat (£5-£6 – 1-8 years).

Jimmy wears: Surf Tour Hoodie (£14-18-24 Months – 10 Years), Printed T.Shirt (£7 – 18-24 Months – 8 Years), Denim Shorts – rolled up and down – (£9 – 18-24 Months – 10 Years), Blue Stripe Jelly shoes (£7-£8 – Size Jnr 4 – 13) and Chambray Cap (£5-£6 – 3-6 Months – 8 Years). Florence wears: Top, Hat and Jelly Shoes as above.

Florence wears: Denim Embroidered Angel Sleeved Dress (£14 – 18-24 Months – 10 Years) and Glitter Sandals (£12-£14 – Size Jnr 4 – 13).

Jimmy wears: Surf Board Print T.Shirt (£6 – 18-24 Months – 10 Years) and hat as above.

The clothes are just up my kid’s street and both of them are thrilled to bits as you can see from their faces. I thik Florence would wear that dress every single day if she could and actually, with sleeves like that who could blame her? And Jimmy totally thinks he’s a cool surfer dude now, well, he does have the hair after all!

So what we need to finish off the clothes and compliment them to their full potential is some flipping sunshine now but it just doesn’t seem forthcoming. Thank goodness we are off to Majorca next month and these beauties will get proper outings.

I can’t wait to see what winter has to offer from Mothercare but for now I think the summer wear is pretty darn marvellous don’y you?!



3 thoughts on “Summer At Mothercare 2017!

  1. Beautiful photographs, your children are so photogenic. I always love Mothercare for kids clothes, so many gorgeous colours and styles to choose from. Particularly loving the boys t-shirts and Florence’s floppy hat x

  2. LOVE these, especially the Jellies!!!

    Your two should be models, they’re definitely earning their keep. Great outfits the dress and Jimmy’s hoodie are especially cute! xx

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