Jimmy Turned 5!

Exactly a week ago today, somehow, my mega babe turned 5! FIVE! He’s just my baby and I don’t know how this can possibly be already but yes, much to his satisfaction, his fifth birthday finally rolled around!

He has been waiting for his birthday for such a long time and asking very day ‘how many more days?’ and finally the big day arrived to much excitement… They had the day off school after little tummy bug (cough) on the Sunday evening (the school have a 48 hour rule you see so what could I do?!) and we instead had a day of fun! Well they weren’t feeling at all poorly by that stage of their ‘tummy bug’ so there was nothing else for it but to go bowling, swimming and out for a pizza!

Every five year old’s perfect day i would think!

This was all after the excitement of having his best friend from London stay at the weekend, his birthday party complete with Ninjago cake baked and hand decorated by my lovely Mum and a bouncy castle as well as a trip to his fave BeWILDerwood thrown in for good measure…

I have to say by the time this birthday was over we were ALL rather exhausted and also ALL rather sick of building Lego (but don’t let Jimmy know that as he’s still loving the build and has about 20 more boxes to do the lucky thing)!

So… It was a very happy happy birthday 5 for my tiny boy who made us laugh as he always does, still crawled into my bed for a cuddle come the end of the day (see, he’s still my baby really) and who enjoyed every single second of it. Have we already started on the ‘how long until my next birthday’ question? Oh absolutely but I wouldn’t have him any other way!

Here are my fave pics from his special turning 5!

His bouncy castle!
THAT cake (cheers Mum)!
Blowing out the candles – urm this may have happened rather a few times over the days we spent celebrating!
At his party!

Bowling and looking very grown up!
On his birthday minute – the one for the cutting room floor!
And on his birthday minute – one from the album! He wasn’t very keen on doing this as you can see from the first birthday minute picture so this was as good as it was gonna get!

Ah my lovely boy… He’s messy, long and curly of hair, super bright, beyond fun, wickedly humerous and so loving too. He can be a bit of a monkey it has to be said but we love him all the same… Happy birthday beautiful Jimmy!

One thought on “Jimmy Turned 5!

  1. Oh Happy Birthday Jimmy…
    I can’t believe he’s 5 either just like Fifi and she’s my last baby so everytime I look at her I think ‘please stay little’. It really does go so fast.
    Looks like he had a wonderful time! xxx

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