Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

When we moved from our two bed flat in London to our big house in the country my priorities were making sure that everyone had the perfect bedroom. Jimmy had only known a small toddler bed stuffed under his sister’s midi bed and I finally wanted them both to have space of their own in beautiful surroundings which suited them!

I also wanted us to have the perfect sleep space and spent months planning our loft conversion which had to be bright and white and full of light. I thought about the flooring, the bathroom, the mirrors and dressing area… I also thought about the aesthetics of the bed which I also thought would be perfect with a white frame. And that, I’m afraid to say, was about as far as it got. It was all about the ‘look’ and not so much at all about how well the bed would work for sleeping, for our backs and generally just to give us that perfect night’s sleep.

Of course I went and tried out mattresses and I chose a firm one because that’s what I prefer (hey, husband does too, I’m not totally selfish) but actually, when it comes down to it, we didn’t invest enough time or thought into the bed we bought!

It looks the part I’ll give it that!

I so wish that I’d spent more time looking at beds which were better for my back and instead of being flat had some maneuverability. Especially seeing as now I am pregnant and this bed doesn’t do anything for my back at all! I watched this video from Adjustamatic all about the best ways to get a good night’s sleep and how to avoid hurting your back doing nothing more than just lying down for 8 hours and it dawned on me… we should have looked at electric beds from Adjustamatic!

I remember waking up on my 35th birthday with a bad back and I literally had done nothing more than sleep! I couldn’t understand it and I remember the thought crossed my mind that this was a big fat welcome to being old! Ha! I wish that I’d taken a bit of note from that and thought about the bed situation more closely… I am definitely going to take ALL the pillow advice they offer in their video though and remember that every pillow changes the shape of my spine. When pregnant it’s really important to look after all the ligaments as they stretch so much more than usual that now is more important for me than any other!

I want to sleep in the healthiest way possible and though I know having two kiddos, a pair of cats AND the both of us in the bed isn’t necessarily the best way forward when it comes to looking after my poor old back, I’m going to take advice from the experts and make sure I do things as properly as I can!

Wow those adjustable beds look good though don’t they… I can imagine it now! Something great on Netflix, a double caramel Magnum (hey, I’m pregnant so I’m totally allowed to eat ice cream in bed) and a bed adjusted to the perfect position just for me – perfection!


2 thoughts on “Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

  1. You really underestimate the importance of a good bed, until you realise what a crap bed you have don’t you? We really struggled with our last mattress and sold it on very quickly as we hadn’t tested it properly beforehand and suffered terribly. I would love the Adjustamatic, how comfortable do they look?!?

  2. An adjustable bed would be so cool – even better if it had one of those tellys that popped out the end 😉
    My bed is super cheap but mattress expensive and it seems to work like that. xx

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