First Day Of School!

Florence had her first day of school this week and with my heart in my mouth I spent the entire day just waiting to go and pick her up again. She was fine. Didn’t cry once. I cried quite a bit. I dabbed my eyes (didn’t want mascara to fall down my face in front of her extremely young looking and very attractive male teacher – the other Mums and I call him Mr Foxy) in the classroom as I watched her sit on the carpet smiling and happy and completely unaware that for me, school spells conformity and a Monday to Friday grind.

Florence has loved the school atmosphere ever since starting at the adjoined nursery and has been in the swing of wearing a uniform, literacy and numeracy hours and school dinners since she was three and she has always enjoyed every single second! My girl is like a learning sponge and so different to how I was. It makes me so very proud of her. She can already read and write pretty well for a four year old, probably pretty well for a six year old if I’m honest and she enjoys it. I want to nurture that and of course, having a child who smiles happily and waves goodbye is definitely better than one who wails like I did, and remember doing so, for weeks on end because they want their Mummy.

She’s tiny. Smaller than most of the girls her age and she looks too young to be there but she’s SO confident. And happy. What more could a Mummy want?! My heart has swelled this week for the beautifully talented and confident little girl I can call mine. Congratulations on your first day of school dear child of mine and here’s to many years of you enjoying it!

First Day Of School

We started the first day of school with a breakfast for champions. She chose all her favourite breakfast bits in the super market the day before and I served them ALL up to her to have a nibble on each thing and leave most of it. For once, food waste wasn’t an issue, if she wanted pancakes, chocolate brioche, chocolate cereal, chocolate croissants, crumpets, grapefruit, malt loaf AND a cup of tea then her wish was to be my command!

First Day Of School 1

I took her picture in her uniform before we left the house A LOT!

First Day Of School 4

And then I made her pose with me prior to my ‘big mistake’ realisation of wearing mascara!

First Day Of School 5

And she couldn’t wait to get off to school!

Florence School 8Florence School 6Florence School 5She confidently walked up the playground to her HUGE new classroom with Daddy as I trailed behind fighting the tears. When she got inside, where we were allowed to stay for a bit, she immediately got to work on the slate boards and that’s when she drew me my ‘miss you’ heart. She did that just for me, to make me feel better, surely it should have been the other way round?! Finally we all had big hugs before she darted off to the carpet to begin her school day!



Florence School 7

When I picked her up she was full of beans and couldn’t wait to tell me what she’d eaten and how they have to carry their own trays, the friends she’d seen and the new pals she was getting to know. I asked her teacher if she’d been ok and he said ‘Florence? She was absolutely fine of course!’ See, heart swelling stuff!

And at the end of our two day week I started as I mean to go on with a special tea on Friday night. Every week I’m going to do Friday night treat tea with a theme and novelty food. Friday nights are almost the best part of the weekend I think! My Dad always says Christmas Eve is the best part of Christmas because of the anticipation of it all to come and Fridays are just like that so we will start them off with treat food and why not!

Pirate Tea 5

This week I did a pirate tea with a treasure map main course, melon pirate ship, chocolate treasure chest and fish swimming in the sea drink for our Friday night treat tea see more about it here!

So, week one done. I now have a schooler!

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