Bugaboo Bee 3 Launch!

I wrote a few weeks ago about the new Bugaboo Bee 3 which is launched this month but I hadn’t yet seen it in person. I’m a big fan of the Bee and always have been. I still use my original which is 5 years old and I also love my Bee Plus but there are elements of both buggies which are better than the other. I like the hood on the original because it is longer but I like the fact the seat can be extended on the plus… Either way, both are exceptional in my book and perfect for city living.

My only problem and it’s more of a compromise really, is that with both versions there is no option for a carry cot. The cocoon is brilliant though and it worked well for us but pushing my Donkey with a full carry cot showed me there is something special about the freedom the baby has inside as well as the aesthetic. When you’re as much of a buggy fan as I am then that really counts and is why I went for Bugaboo in the first place! I wanted one before I even wanted babies and it was all about ‘the look’! I just struck gold with the fact that they are superior in design from every angle not just appearance!

Anyway, with the new Bee 3 which was launched with a video from super fan (not as much as me though) and television presenter Sarah Cawood showing how she uses hers, we got to see that the new Bee 3 has its very own carry cot! Yep, it’s still just as small (and super compact I must point out) but this model has a fully working carry cot and a hood which can be shorter like the plus or longer like the original by extending it with a zip. With it also comes a bigger under storage basket which I know some people have said they wanted but I’ve always found to be pretty roomy anyway as you can see below!

Bugaboo Bee 3 1

This was us last week in Great Yarmouth. Florence had tired legs and we’d forgotten the buggy board. I know Jimmy’s small but I think it proves that the original basket could fit quite a bit in it especially as we had all our beach stuff and picnic in there underneath him!

We saw Sarah speak to the camera and go about her daily life and it basically could have been me talking and me zipping about London on public transport to the South Bank and the City Farm – except with more glamour. It simply showed that this buggy is for City living and now it’s better than ever!


The launch of the Bugaboo Bee 3!

We were at the party to launch the Bugaboo Bee 3 (oh I didn’t say I wasn’t glamorous at all) which was also attended by a Pussy Cat Doll, TV presenters and stars including Martine McCutcheon who I went to school with; she didn’t recognise me of course! Basically, every pregnant celeb worth their salt was there and has their eye on it and it’s no wonder! It’s beautiful and if I have number 3 (hopefully), might I be tempted to get a third Bee for a third baby?! Yes! But I’ll still use the other two (and my Donkey)… Told you I was a buggy geek!

Bee3 1

The gorgeous new Bugaboo Bee 3 with its carry cot! 

We had loads of fun at the party, especially the children who ran up and down, pushed each other in buggies and had their faces painted by face painters with magic wands. I’m assuming they had wands, surely no one could actually paint faces THAT well?!

Bee3 2

Magically beautiful face paints for Florence and her friend Daisy who belongs to my fiend Katy from Modern Mummy! Jimmy had a spider on his arm but licked it, boys are strange sometimes, before I could get a decent picture!

Take a look at the Bugaboo Bee 3 launch party in our video below! By the way, the song in the back ground was written and is performed by my old man, Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy, if you like it check out his sound cloud for more here!

We loved the party with mini versions of food I love like burgers, fish and chips and hot dogs washed down with champagne. I didn’t touch any of it though and just watched on with my will power digging in as I am determined to lose weight before a wedding in Marbella in a couple of weeks! I did take part in the photo booth fun though, as did all the littles! Wonderful!

Bugaboo3 4

Photo booth fun!

All in all I have come away even more in love with the Bugaboo Bee, my buggy of choice from the start of my buggy pushing days and Jimmy liked it too! Not one to be put in a buggy when he could play instead he got off to his usual start of complaining but once inside he didn’t want to get out and even clasped himself back in again when I released the new (and ever so brilliantly designed) harness!

Bee3 3

Jimmy having fun in the new Bee 3 – I’ve always wanted a red one!

Bugaboo just keep getting better and better and I saw another product that blew me away too! A buggy board WITH a seat! It’s like the designers of Bugaboo are bespoking all their products I already like to tweak them JUST for me! I’ll keep you posted on the new board, it’s not out yet but soon I hope!

And then it was time to go, clutching my new badges, one of which I’m going to put on my Bugaboo hood and the other I m going to keep in a drawer until some time soon I hope!

Bugaboo3 5

New Bugaboo badges, one for now and one to save I hope!

I was invited to the launch party of the Bugaboo Bee 3.


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  1. Looks like i missed a great event, i must admit i’m a total bugaboo addict. Love my bee and my buffalo 🙂

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