A Dinesy’s Frozen Sky Remote Control!

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When we were invited to the UK premiere of ‘Frozen’ (I know, how lucky?!) I never envisaged the ‘Frozen’ fever that would grip our household in such a strong way. You expect to like a Disney film sure but with ‘Frozen’, well, it’s almost hysterical with little girls isn’t it (in fact, one of my grown up friends might even be as fond of it as Florence if I’m honest).

Since the film came out we have seen it 5 times at the cinema and countless amounts on DVD which we bought on pre order (of course) from the Disney store as soon as we could. Florence had a ‘Frozen’ themed birthday party, she has the Elsa AND Anna dress up clothes (and shoes), hard dolls, animator’s choice dolls, soft dolls, night lights, bedding, puzzles, craft sets… The list goes on bust basically, if it’s ‘Frozen’ related then she’s tickled pink! She is not, of course, in the minority!

Florence's 'Frozen' party was so much fun and I even dressed up as Anna to her Elsa!
Florence’s ‘Frozen’ party was so much fun and I even dressed up as Anna to her Elsa!

‘Frozen’ is now available on Sky Movies which is excellent as you never know when you might just need a bit of a fix, especially if you are away from home and staying with relatives like we have been this week! We’ve been at Gram’s and watching ‘Frozen’ has of course happened and my Mum does have Sky TV! She also, now, has a very special remote control with which to watch it so even if she’s not watching ‘Frozen’ it is STILL a part of her viewing experience – Florence is absolutely thrilled! My Mum has a new Disney ‘Frozen’ remote control!

Urrr! How cool!
Urrr! How cool!

An Elsa remote control is the perfect accessory for any ‘Frozen’ fan and since posting a picture of it on my social media channels I have had so many friends saying they are going to get one for themselves too, including of course, the friend I mentioned earlier who doesn’t even have any children! ‘Frozen’ fever just got even more fabulous!

I was sent a Disney’s Frozen Sky Remote control for the purpose of an honest review.