Funderworld Norwich 2023!

Funderworld Norwich 2023!

We had THE MOST tremendous time at Funderworld Norwich over the weekend! The travelling theme park is here in Norfolk only until the 4th of June 2023 so you’ll have to be quick if you don’t want to miss the thrills at the Norfolk Showground!

I loved the way it’s been set up in a giant circle and felt totally safe letting my bigger two (13 and 11) to go off together for a bit. That way I didn’t have to get on ALL the big rides myself! They, like Jonny and I, enjoyed an ALL RIDES pass which will set you back £19.99 but give you unlimited access to absolutely everything on site. I think that set up is perfect for parents because you know exactly where you are money wise and at £20 a pop it made it a snip compared to paying as you go. I’d have had to have given them a £20 limit without an unlimited rider ticket and suspect that wouldn’t have lasted long at all so this style of ticket definitely works for us!

Obviously spending £20 on a ticket where someone isn’t going to get to go on the big rides is a bit of a waste of money and not anything you can do much about when visiting a traditional theme park however, at Funderworld you can buy smaller children either an ADVENTURE PASS for £14.99 or a TINY TOT pass for £9.99 which again offers unlimited rides on the age and size appropriate attractions which there are still plenty of. There’s actually lots to suit everyone and if you’re not a ride person at all but don’t want to miss out on the family day out then make like Gram and buy a NON RIDER pass for a fiver! Gram’s top tip is to take a folding chair so that you can sit in comfort as you hold everyone’s bags, ha ha!

Posie with her TINY TOT pass made great value of it by quite literally not stopping until she dropped on the car journey home. She was on and off the inflatables all afternoon interspersed with the baby rides a plenty and Raffie, dare devilled it as much as his height would allow him! I, and the children, took deep breaths and did almost all the other rides! Even the excruciatingly high SKY SWING which I almost held my breath for the entire way around – it wasn’t fast but boy it was high!

Jimmy is the most daring of all of us but because he’s only 11 I had to go on everything else with him and let’s just say it’s a good job I’ve been having Dr Libby’s pelvic floor chair treatment because some of that stuff (I’m looking at the THRILLER ride) is beyond! Honestly though, we smiled so much my face actually ached on the way home.

We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Funderworld and we think you will too!

Walk up and get in the queue or pre-book your 4 hour session on line ahead of time on the website: Funderworld | The UK’s BIGGEST MOBILE THEME PARK – Funderworld | The UK’s BIGGEST MOBILE THEME PARK


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