Get Garden Ready For Summer!

Get Garden Ready For Summer!

As luck would have it (or not) just in time for the summer months our garden furniture has completely broken. I’m talking absolutely done and dusted, can’t even make do as during the high winds of, erm… Early May, they just couldn’t withstand and entirely gave up the ghost as they hit the deck. A couple of our chairs had already comically moved on to their next role in life (firewood) simply when being sat on (both times by Jonny thankfully, I mean they were ancient and decrepit but that isn’t good for the ego) then the rest, along with our table AND the other little bistro set we had just fell over and that was that. So… This totally calls for a garden furniture make over because forget about getting summer body ready, 2021 is all about being garden ready!

We spend most of the summer in our gardens, they are an extension of our homes so I want mine to look as stunning as I could do. Especially now when we are still limited in going out. Plus, I’ve rather got used to being at home and I like it!

We may be allowed out more now but the main staple of fun is still to be had in our gardens and actually, after months of sitting in mine while freezing around a fire pit that blew smoke directly into my face whichever way I positioned myself (darn wind again), its about time we had some pleasant moments al fresco and I’m all over it!

The Knowles family garden Tiki Bar is open for 2021!

We have re-opened our garden Tiki Bar (made by my Father in law last summer, thank you Dave!) and the Ooni Pizza oven deserves an airing where the chef doesn’t need to be sat under an umbrella as he cooks. All we need now are some places to sit and enjoy it all, to be able to throw open the bi-fold doors and simply extend our home into the garden.

We’ve basically got all the gear but no idea… Or nowhere to park our bottoms more like!

So… I’m not looking at replacing what we had AT ALL. I want something better, more attractive and something to make us feel like we have an extra room that we’ve loved devoting time and effort into making beautiful. I want garden heaters (I’m so over being smoked out by the fire pit – I don’t mind it being in use, I just don’t want to sit next to it anymore), long strings of solar bulbs and clear areas to sit. One for dining and one for relaxing. Sky-line Design make beautiful, luxury garden furniture and I’ve very firmly been casting my eye in their direction.

Sky-line Design provide it all from outdoor rugs to those heaters I’m so hang jeering after but the Luxury Rattan Furniture is something else!

From the Brando Sea Shell collection at Sky-Line Design!

We need a bug table on our patio, huge in fact! I mean there’s six of us and then with grandparents and cousins…. 8 chairs at least is my choice for the next set and I don’t want something rickety and big standard. I want something like the Brando Sea Shell collection table and chairs with its glass top and comfortable, roomy seats – isn’t it beautiful.

To go with that but to sit over by our little Tiki Bar I want a little bistro set with a difference. Something which is both really comfortable and yet wowing to look at!

I love this little set from the Bakari sofa living range at Sky-Line Design!

And then, just as an added extra for the days when we get our pool out I want something cool to sit and watch the kiddos splash. I’m all about the kitsch (you’ve seen the Tiki bar right?!) and with the giant floating kiwi slice and unicorn ring floating in the water I’d love a hanging chair to read a book in as I cast my eye waterward and hope no one squirts me with a water pistol – unless it’s very hot and then I don’t mind. This, I thought, would be perfect!

This is the Sky-Line Design Heri hanging chair, isn’t it beautiful?!

And before anyone says anything… No, no I’m not calling it a paddling pool, it’s a pool. It’s 10ft and deep enough to swim at least one or two strokes and float on a lilo in so it’s a pool!

See, pool!

So new furniture (and definitely some new outdoor dining accoutrements because whta is life without new malamine bowls of bright colours?!) and we will be all set for summer. All we need now is some flipping sunshine. Come on soliel, do your thang please!


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