Colief Vitamin C Drops!

Colief Vitamin C Drops!

I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to worrying about getting enough vitamins into my children. I don’t even think I’m alone when especially worrying about it because my children don’t and won’t eat enough of anything let alone the right stuff. My boys are particularly tricky when it comes to food and though they occasionally entertain a strawberry or a cucumber, fruit and veg ar e way low down on their priorities unfortunately. On mine they are obviously quite high and this is where we butt heads and eventually compromise with the agreement of vitamin supplements and the acknowledgment that I will still try to get them to eat better while they will continue to refuse me. What can I say?

I yet again as a parent am turning to Colief for help with getting the right vits inside the kiddos and with the launch of the Colief Vitamin C Drops (we have long used the Vitamin D drops in their range) we are managing that particular hit rather easily.

The newly launched Colief Vitamin C Drops are a food supplement (supplement meaning to run along side I have to keep reminding the boys) which will help support their immune system and maintain healthy bones and skin. Sometimes Jimmy looks so pale and wan, he eats such a small amount and I worry terribly. Knowing he at least has vitamins inside him is a real help.

Colief has been working hard to help parents with their products for 20 years and now, with the new Vitamin C Drops, the family heath experts who I have trusted to help me with colic, cradle cap and much more (including my own stretch marks when pregnant) have produced this rich in Vitamin C supplement which both boys have been taking daily for over a month now.

Unlike most Vitamin C products that come in effervescent tablet format or as a chewy sweet this is a convenient drop bottle so that it can be mixed with tea, juice or milk (something they DO like and have a lot of), making it easy to add to their morning breakfast (they also love cereal and it can easily be slipped into the milk there too) or drinks. The boys moan about vitamin tablets, they look like sweets but obviously aren’t and I have to chase them around trying to get them to take them. Raffie very often carries his around in his hand but forgets to actually eat it. This way they don’t even know they’re getting it but I do and it makes me feel less panicked without alerting them to a thing!

The Vitamin C Drops are free from yeast, gluten, corn, starch, wheat, nut, soy, sugar and dairy; This covers most intollerances and allergies and is such a small way of helping them have a healthy immune system and help them with their all-important development.

So why do we need Vitamin C, why is it so important?

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for health, not only does it help form and maintain healthy bones, skin and blood vessels; but Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation. Vitamin C has a large range of benefits, from contributing to the absorption of iron, maintaining a normal metabolism, supporting the immune system and helping reduce tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin C is also important for your child’s gum’s health according to wildflower dental in sun city.

I am even taking these supplements myself (maintaining a normal metabolism got me, I’m not going to lie – as a new Mum again I’m finding it hard to eat regularly or choose the right things and when I get like this my body becomes sluggish so anything which can help and I’m all over it!) because the drops are suitable for adults and children over 1 years old. It’s a great way to boost my own Vitamin C intake and it’s so easy to administer that as I’m giving it to the children each morning it’s hard to forget myself in the mix!

It’s so important to have a balanced diet, not always easy but important and this, though not a cheat that can replace any goodness you put into your body usually, can assist and help when we may lack at times in the discipline it takes to always be on top of eating what we need to.

Colief® Vitamin C Drops are available to buy at £5.99 on the Colief website at while you can find lots more advice at

About Colief

Colief is a range of natural products that provide health benefits to babies, young children and new mums. Experts in baby health, our scientific knowledge and proven expertise in temporary lactose intolerance informed the development of Colief Infant Drops nearly two decades ago. Today it is one of the most commonly prescribed treatment for colicky symptoms, and is widely recommended by health visitors. Their product range goes beyond colick and like the Vitamin C Drops will assist with a range of issues.

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