Getting Older!

I remember my Mum being 34. She was 30 when she had me, the same age that I was when I had Florence and this week, I have just turned 34 too. It really doesn’t seem that long ago since I was Florence’s age and my Mum was mine; I’m not sure how time has managed to go that quickly? When you’re a child things take forever, I felt like I was always waiting for my birthday to arrive and now I feel as though they keep coming round again and I want them to hold on for a second. I am 34! I am married to a 35 year old man, that seems amazing and surely I am too young to be with a man who is 35?! I feel very young and forget I am just a year and a half younger myself? My next BIG birthday is the big 4 oh! Oh my… I hadn’t even thought of that before!

Despite the growing older part I do love birthdays and will celeberate them in style. I love to drag them out too and Jonny says I’m the only person he knows who has a birthday fortnight! Well why not! I hate that feeling when the day is over which is kind of how I’m feeling now… I like to drag it out and squeeze as much fun into it as I can! It’s not about the presents, they’re just a bonus and I’ve had some lovely ones this year, I’m very lucky. It’s about the having a special day and about being with my special people. We went out for lunch, we did a pass the parcel (Florence didn’t understand why we would not, so I had to knock one up quickly), I heard from friends I’d not spoken to in a while and it was just my special day!

So like I mentioned, I love birthdays and I love the fact that mine this year was spent with my lovely little family. My favourite part of the day was watching the children run in and out of the fountain at the Southbank. The children’s birthdays are the important ones of course and I love that Florence can always say that it IS either her actual birthday or that she hasn’t had her birthday yet this year! The bonus of having New Years’ Eve as your birthday! For me the day is over and as I pout my lip writing that, at the age of 34, I have to remind myself that we are still in my birthday fortnight, still in my birthday week even and that we are going away for the weekend to celebrate with the children some more. Perhaps 34 isn’t so bad!

My Birthday
This was my favourite part of my birthday – watching the children splash in the fountain at the Southbank. Getting older brings more memories so it can’t be a bad thing!


So, as I mentioned above, it was my birthday this week and I got to spend some lovely time with the family. Florence and I have been to see West End musical Wicked, we’ve all been out for meals and we got to lark about on the Southbank beach in the sunshine. I love that Florence wanted me to have a pass the parcel and it was so sweet when she wanted to ‘help’ me open all my presents. We joked and said ‘Jimmy didn’t get to open any of his presents either’ and the next day she looked at me and said ‘I’m sorry I didn’t let you open any of your presents Mummy’. It made me want to cry. I explained I’d only been joking and that I wanted her to open them and help me blow my candle out. I think I forget sometimes that she is only three and can be sensitive.

I had a lovely family week and there’s more celebrating to come so aren’t I the lucky Mummy at the grand old age of 34! I think this was my most special birthday ever and nothing wild happened it was just lovely.

My Birthday 1
The sun shone and it was the perfect day to hang out on the Southbank beach!
My Birthday 2
When we came home we did pass the parcel and had some cup cakes my lovely neighbour Mary made for me!

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