Giving Your Garden Tools The Care They Need

Giving Your Garden Tools The Care They Need

Whether you’re looking to revitalise your garden or simply trying to give it the necessary care and maintenance to get it through the years, your tools are going to play a vital role in any green-thumbed activity you have in mind. However, if you don’t take care of your gardening tools, they’re going to have a hard time taking care of you. To that end, here’s how to keep your tools in good working condition for longer.

Know how to clean them well

Before you store any tools that are likely to get covered in dirt, you should make sure that you’re cleaning them off. Most metal tools digging and cultivation tools can be cleaned with a jet of water but for caked in dirt, you might need to let it soak for a bit before scrubbing it off. Drying them off then putting them away is usually enough, but coating them with a decent oil can help prevent them from rusting due to the slow process of corrosion.

Give them a safe storage space

If you want to avoid getting rust on your tools, then you need to keep them out of the elements. That’s one of the single best reasons to look at wooden sheds for your garden. Aside from keeping them safe from the rain and wind, sheds also give you an organised space to more easily find the tool you need to suit the job currently at hand. Of course, it’s best to get a professionally designed shed that is protected from the weather and fully sealed.

Sharpen with care

Any prunres, sheers, and loppers need a little bit of extra care. It’s a good idea to wipe them down with an oily rag, especially if it’s using something like WD40 oil. However, you should also keep in mind that these tools need to be sharpened to remain as effective as possible as the seasons pass. Find a sharpening whetstone or a hone and learn how to sharpen carefully so as to avoid any accidents. You may also want to use a metal file to take care of any little knicks and divots in your metal tools.

Secure your tools

Your shed can act as a level of security for your tools, especially if you keep it locked when you’re not using it. However, a decent garden toolbox might be the added security you need just to make sure that none of your tools go missing when you’re not looking. Garden tools aren’t often the first thing that a would-be thief would want to go after, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth protecting. Besides, you can also use such a toolbox as a good spot to keep any power tools that a thief would definitely try to take.

If you don’t take good care of your gardening tools, they’re going to get less effective and you’re going to have to replace them. Save yourself some money and give your garden its essential care with the tips above.