Real Life Pinterest!

Real Life Pinterest!

There’s nothing like a bit of Pinterest action when you’re doing up your house but absolutely nothing beats seeing the real thing in the flesh and my friend Sam right now is showing me what it’s all about with her amazing house design as she completely reshapes her home into something spectacular. She keeps me regularly updates with her plans and the pictures look absolutely amazing – as does her home. Especially since she had her parquet flooring laid!

She sends me pictures and updates every step – it totally makes me want to copy her!

Sam’s one of those friends I’ve had in my life for what seems like forever. We met at work where we were both admin monkeys for a well known local insurance company and both hated it as much as each other. This was way back and our job was quite literally filling in forms. People would apply for life insurance manually on a paper document and we would then transfer the information from their forms to our computers. Everyone was given a batch at the beginning of the day and you’d then have 8 hours to get it all in. It was quite literally the most yawn worthy job but her and I sat next to each other and had some of the best giggles of our lives!

The managers could never understand how we managed to get the work done when we gassed so much and had the whole office rolling around the floor as we chatted. The truth of the matter was that the work was so easy we could do it standing on our heads and we’d race through it all in the first couple of hours, never sending any of it off through fear they would give us more and then we’d drip send it throughout the day to make it look like it was taking us as long as everyone else thus not incurring more forms to transfer data from and plenty of time to laugh. We were young, silly and bright as buttons as we’d chat about the future and what we wanted from life!

Children, lots of children (and between us we have amassed nearly 9 – my 4th is due in February and she has 5 – would you believe) and we wanted lovely houses with lots if nice furnishings. Though we’d not have chatted about specifics back then in our early twenties we knew we wanted nice things and though flooring in general would not have been our top priority convo fodder, the actual deliciously decorated homes very definitely was! And now… Well, we both have those homes and don’t we feel very lucky. But it’s taken a lot of hard work – I mean all those children don’t come for free! And patience – we’re talking 15 years here but finally…. Finally we are getting there.

Sam always just knows how to make things look beautiful – just look at this room!

What Sam has that I may lack is an eye for the beautiful and the home she has created is like my own real life Pinterest. I look longingly at her amazing, and they truly are amazing, new floors and want to try and do something similar. And she’s just sent me pictures of all her plans for her utility room. Oh to have a utility room eh!

So where I lack in the eye for detail she comes in and basically I then try and recreate all her hard effort. She doesn’t mind though as we are great mates and she’s a brilliant egg.

So while Pinterest is damn fine for ideas, what I reckon most people need in their lives is a Sam! She makes me giggle (still) and is one of the kindest souls I know as well as letting me peruse her fabulous house and pinch all her ideas!

Do you have a Sam in your life?

Everyone needs a Sam!