3 Design Ideas To Inspire Your Family-Friendly Kitchen

3 Design Ideas To Inspire Your Family-Friendly Kitchen

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Kitchens are the most important room in the home, and with the potential to add up to 4% to your property value, even the real estate market agrees. More than monetary gain, however, kitchens are also very relevant to rearing a family. Children love to eat, resulting in the need for pantry and table space, especially for an ever-growing family. Hence, kitchens need to accommodate the entire family. 
So, where exactly do you start when building your kitchen? Here are 4 ideas to spark some inspiration for your family-friendly kitchen design.

Include Kid-Friendly Features 

The first consideration in family-focused kitchen design is whether it will be safe for the kids.  Additions such as high chairs and baby-proofed cabinets easily come to mind. You can add a blackboard to list ingredients and recipes to start teaching them the basic skills of cooking. Also, include countertops that can be easily cleaned as well as attractive and durable, such as quartz granite or laminate. 

Embrace Modern Comfort

These days, every room in the home is being used for something other than its traditional function. Modern-day kitchens are buzzing with hives of activity as hungry teenagers come and go for small snacks. Meanwhile, curious toddlers come by to watch Mum cook. Thus, it is no surprise why so many people call kitchens the heart of a home. Therefore, the kitchen design needs to accommodate every member of the home. 
Centre islands, roomy surfaces, plenty of comfy seats, and storage space are great places to start. However, all of these additions can make it feel overcrowded and even unwelcoming. Because of that, it should also feel homely and spacious. A great way to achieve this is by using terracotta tiles to give it a rustic, comfortable appearance.  

Open Space

A rising trend in kitchen design is to open up the floor plan. This can be done by either cutting out part of the wall that faces your yard or merging it with another room and turning that expansion into a combined living space. Another option is to embrace the minimalist design that turns a hidden kitchen into a common area. 
However, you may not be comfortable taking down an entire section of the wall, or simply do not have enough yard space to justify opening up the kitchen. If that’s the case, you can simply add tall windows and skylights for some bright natural lighting. This will make your kitchen look wide and spacious without having to undergo any drastic remodeling. 
The modern British kitchen is becoming a more common space to eat, work, and even place. In fact, it is becoming a shared space where children are building independence and being taught to cook for themselves, while more families are sharing the workload of daily duties like cooking meals. That is why it is important to make your home kitchen as accommodating as possible for every member of the family.