Grow My House!

We live in a Victorian terrace conversion which essentially means it’s half a house. This was fine when we were two, ok as a three, pretty tight since becoming a four and probably impossible when we think about adding our fifth person (not yet but soon I hope)!

We’ve been trying and trying to think of ways around our small living situation, ways to solve it or change it and we basically have two options. Move house or do a loft conversion. We are still undecided and unfortunately, even though had we been the full house the council would have given us permitted development for two bedrooms in an L shaped dormer, as a flat, typically, they won’t! It makes no sense to me because surely they should WANT to keep families in East London but what do I know?

We have to decide if one big room in the loft, making it three bedrooms total, would make it big enough to live here still. We would still be without a garden or our own front door so it does make me wonder if the time has come to move and then… Is it time to  get out of London altogether? I really think it might be.

We’ve been looking at houses back in Norwich just to get an idea and have decided that if we do move back then we definitely want to be in the area they call the Golden Triangle. It’s in the catchment for the two schools I would consider and most like the cafe culture that we are used to here in London. You have lots on your doorstep including some fantastic pubs and parks and it’s a short walk to both the City Center and to my Mum’s house. The other big plus for me is that the houses are mainly Victorian terraces and I do adore them. I’d love to have a whole house with a garden and all the original features and because house prices are so dramatically different to where we are now then we would still have enough to convert the loft in the house we buy.

I love loft conversions and find something very romantic about sitting under the eaves. I’d love a chaise longue to relax whilst I write and look out of the window over the rooftops. I think it would be very therapeutic to watch the world go by from that vantage point but then I’d also love to be able to shut the world out with one of those gorgeous VELUX blinds that you can use a remote control for and don’t even have to get up. Suddenly the room becomes cosy and intimately just for you. I adore that!

So really and truly I am all set for a loft room, I’ve just got to decide in which property and where in the country it’s going to be…

A collaborative post.