Half Term Fun May/June 2022!

Half Term Fun May/June 2022!

How the holidays go so quickly is a real travesty for I love nothing more than being in the thick of them with my whole gang around. With four of all different ages it’s sometimes hard to please everyone but we have found lots of those moments this week alongside some compromises for everyone on occasion and some days where we have all done different things. I don’t find that makes me the happiest but I do want them to be super happy always so I guess it has to be done! Florence went off a couple of evenings to meet with friends at the local village festival, we all went on the Saturday night, Jimmy had a football day and I took the little two out with their cousin one of the days when parties were being had for a friend of Jimmy’s and Florence just didn’t want to come. For the most part they do want to still do what I want though and I’m grateful and long may that continue. We had family days out to Wroxham Barns, London and Pensthorpe, I helped Florence run a glitter bar and bracelet stall at a couple of other village festivals and the boys had time together playing more football, having hair cuts and going to the cinema. We of course, as always, got a trip to the beach in and swam at the pool because… That’s what we do. I’ve packed it all in and we are all exhausted but very happy. Roll on summer, but not too quickly eh!

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  1. Love your edp articlesles read them every week so will really miss them you are a lovely Mum

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