Colonel Saab, London!

Colonel Saab, London!

he Family history of the Colonel Saab restaurant, sat on High Holborn, just a short walk from the tube, is so colourfully interesting to read inside the menu, the story playing out in a read it and see it moment as you devour the information about the decor, art work collected over decades from travels through India and portrait details on the wall. As Roop, the owner’s parents, were stationed at different army postings they collected art, recipes and friends which is all a major player to how Colonel Saab works today. And that’s just the decor and the trim of course, which is, from the bathroom to the table, an aesthetical feast but… We haven’t even got to the food yet!

The menu has been created by Karen Anand to embody Roop and his family’s recipes, as well as the art of street food merged into fine dining Indian cuisine of, what we all decided, was actually some of the very best food we have ever eaten. We asked the chef to recommend to us what he would have and why and we are so pleased that we followed his guidance. Everything we tasted, beyond delicious, something we will savour as a truly lovely memory of a moment and not just a meal thay was eaten and forgotten. Dining at Colone Saab is an experience and wow, we loved it!

We were invited as guests of the restaurant to visit with our children. Colonel Saab feels like fine dining with their inventive approach to Indian cuisine and beautiful surroundings, so you may be forgiven, if you’re being British, for thinking it’s not the place for children to be. However, they were so welcoming, not just in their behaviour (what wonderfully kind staff they have – thank you especially to Ronnie, our waiter for the day) but also with the food. My children can be, the boys especially so, very fussy but you can’t argue with chicken and chips and that’s just what they got. So, no arguments from them – or us!

How special for my children to have had such an experience, really this is one they will remember for forever I think. They haven’t ever been to a restaurant like this before and I know they felt incredibly treated and quite grown up. For us it was simply gorgeous to be out in London, eating very good food, with our children in tow. They were well behaved, I think the setting invited them to be and when you think how stressful it can be dining out with children, here somehow it just wasn’t and I can’t imagine it ever being so. In many ways it was better for them environmentally than a fast food chain. Funny how the average is brought up like that but super enjoyable for all!

It was perfect in every way and quite honestly the food was just so good we’ve been talking about it ever since. Florence wants me to make the cauliflower dish (she will have to wait a long time I think as there’s no way I’d have even an inkling of a clue as to how they made this, or any of the meal. All delicious, all absolutely an art created by the best Indian chefs.

If you’re in the Covent Garden/Holborn area this is a must visit for families and couples. It’s also a superb party venue and we heard celebrations on the mezzanine floor while we ate which was joyous to overhear. If you’re not in the are then travel there, just for this experience. It was more than a meal, it felt like being welcomed into a home and I loved every inch of it, we all did!

P.S, Leave room for dessert baby, it’s not worth missing out on!