Hape Musical Whale Fountain!

Hape Musical Whale Fountain!

If you follow my Instagram stories then you may have seen the hysteria we had over the new Hape Musical Whale Fountain that Raffie and Posie were sent to play with last week. I gave it to Raffie just before bath time not realising that we didn’t have any batteries in the house and the morale of the story is, well, something I should really know by now, don’t give your kids anything that needs batteries without first ensuring you have the batteries immediately to hand! We got there in the end (after a lot of wailing for the whales) as Daddy picked some up on his way home and thank goodness the toy didn’t disappoint as that was quite some tense waiting – thank goodness Raffie was mega impressed and, so it seems, were quite a few people who sent me a message to say how brilliant it looked and that it looked like it was made for Raffie’s Shnuggle Toddler Bath – I have to say, it does fit in the bath pretty perfectly.

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!

That first bath with the Hape Musical Whale Fountain has now sparked a massive love of this new toy and we don’t JUST play with it in the bath… No, no, no we don’t! It actually has to come everywhere with us. Which is fine but you know… It is a bath toy and works best in water but don’t let that put you off taking it to the supermarket with you – Raffie certainly hasn’t!

It does work best in water but you know… Whatever floats your boat!

Once it has batteries and is on the musical whales have two modes – you can play your own music in one or have well known nursery rhyme tunes played for you all at the touch of a coloured whale while they continuously spout water in time to the music. It’s the sort of toy you would think wouldn’t work QUITE as well as you see in adverts (a la Mr Frostie) but in actual fact it works exactly as the pictures show and is really quite impressive – LOOK!

Posie enjoys watching it but it’s Raffie who loves it the most. He’s absolutely thrilled with it and I can totally see why!

He can’t wait to get to bath time to play with the Hape Musical Whale Toy (which you can pick up from numerous retailers – It’s on sale at Wicked Uncle amongst other places for £25.95) and it makes for a really lovely end of the day play! Massive thumbs up from us!

We were gifted the Hape Musical whales toy as part of a collaboration with Hape.