Happy Birthday Bump PR!

Florence turned four on New Year’s Eve and we had a wonderful ‘I Can Cook’ party for her. I love a birthday party and so does she! Lots of her friends have turned or are turning four about now so we’re often at 4th birthday parties and the birthday party season (which is about now for us always) is a favourite time of year! I mean who doesn’t like going to birthday parties?

Today we were off to another 4th birthday party which isn’t anything out of the ordinary but the birthday party wasn’t for one of our little friends as usual, but for a PR company that we have been working with recently. Bump PR, just like Florence and lots of the babies I know, turned 4 recently and to celebrate they invited lots of bloggers to one of our fave places in London, the Museum Of Childhood, to come and enjoy party games and cake in celebration!

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon, chatting with friends and watching the children have fun crafting, dressing up, racing about on Happy Hopperz and eating lots of sweets and party food! I got to see my lovely friends Katy from Modern Mummy, Alice from An Essex Wife, Jennie from Edspire and Susanne from Ghostwritermummy as well as catch up with Lilinha from Lilinha Angels WorldKara from Innocent Charmer Chats and Kelly from Tia’s Mum.


Florence and Jimmy had a wonderful time at the party with Katy and Alice’s little girls!


There was, of course, cake and someone had his eye on the cupcakes from the off!


A round of happy birthday and then they got to dig in!

I really do want to say a massive congratulations to Lisa who is the director of Bump PR. She started the company all on her own and it’s grown and grown. She’s lovely and I’d like to thank her and the team for a stupendous afternoon. I’ve only worked with Bump very recently on a post for the company Wauwaa which we enjoyed reviewing very much (read about my experience with them here) and Jimmy wore the lovely dungarees we ordered from them to the party today! Happy Birthday Bump PR and I hope I can work with you again very soon.

After the party we went for a wander round the museum, I love it there, it’s close to my house and we go lots! Then we made our way home having had lots of fun indeed!


Florence and Jimmy had a ride on one of the old fashioned rocking horses at the museum.

Now at typical birthday parties the guests take the host a gift but it didn’t quite work that way today and us bloggers were given lots of presents by the clients of Bump PR – weren’t we very lucky! I also won a gorgeous teddy bear cat from Alice’s Bear Shop by guessing his name (Captain – he just looked like a Captain you see) and there was a raffle where we got to pick a prize too! I chose a gorgeous turquoise BabaSling which I will give to one of my oldest friends who is expecting her first baby! I used a BabaSling often with Jimmy when he was smaller and loved it, you can read how much I like it within this post from a while back – I just had to choose it for my friend when I was lucky enough to be offered! On top of the prizes we were all given a rather hefty goodie bag full of treasures and I’d like to thank:

The Little Green SheepVital BabyAleva NaturalsQuack Quack MooSkibzBubarooAsobi ToysPopdance UKNelson’s Rescue CreamThe Work and Family ShowHalo WipesThe Rebel KitchenMontagne JeunessWhitworthsVitabioticsFish is The Dish and Buggy Tug!


This is one of my favourite pictures of me using the BabaSling with Jimmy. We were visiting my little brother in Cambridge where he was at uni! 

I have not been paid or asked to write this post.