Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day and I just wanted to say have a Happy Day to all the other Mummy’s out there!

For me, Mother’s Day is to thank my own Mum for just being her and say a little ‘Happy Day’ skywards for my Grandma too… I don’t really think about myself being a Mother and celebrating me being one feels very old! I just KNOW Florence is going to make me one of her wonderful cards and that’s all I really want! I want to spend the day with my children and watch them being happy, what could any other Mummy want? I’m very thankful to have them and I know how lucky I am so I want to spend the day doing fun things with them!

When we’re dressed and ready for the day we shall get the tube into town and go and see a family movie at the cinema. To make it doubly exciting it’s going to be one of the big West End ones, I love going to them! After that we shall pop for a spot of lunch somewhere, maybe in China Town followed by some  mooching in and out of the shops… I might even have to get Florence and Jimmy a little treat!

I expect, because I’m a lucky Mummy, that Jonny will treat me to something too and I’ve got my eyes on some summery bits in Reiss so perhaps he could be persuaded to pick me up a little treat in there…

When we get home I will probably cook a roast dinner for us all, we’ll have some snuggled up time in front of the box and then play a board game with Florence! Her favourite thing to do at the moment!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Waltham Forest-20130305-00607IMG-20130227-00433

The picture I have in the living room of my Grandma, my Mum and me as a baby and my latest fave pic of me with my own children!  

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