Wanna Be In A Mother’s Day Film?!

Everyone that knows me knows that I’m an actress – even though I only work very sporadically! I take any opportunity I can get to perform, it’s my true passion! I’m often googling auditions and the like and recently I heard about this great film that is being made and guess what? They want us normal Mum’s to be the stars of it! You don’t have to have any acting training as this is real life stuff they’re after, they just want you being you and doing what you do best – being a Mum! Read on to find out how you can join in and be a part of this fab project!

An exclusive user-generated movie to celebrate over 20 million British Mums is to be created this Mother’s Day, shining a spotlight on the laughter, tears, pride and joy of 24 hours in the life of the modern-day Mum.

The crowd-sourced movie for Mums will be directed and produced by award-winning British filmmaker, ‘Child of our Time’ Director and Mum-of-one Susie Donaldson, capturing real moments from real Mums shared on Twitter this Mother’s Day. The cinematic montage will premiere on the Mothercare Facebook page, the leading parenting and baby specialists behind the initiative, on Monday 11 March.

The social filmmaking project follows research showing that four in five Mums now own a smartphone (81 per cent) with the most popular use (56 per cent) to share family news via social networks – meaning Mother’s Day has become a day to be shared with the world quickly.

Being able to share news and pick up advice on the move has become a crucial part of 21st century mothering, with three quarters of Mums admitting that they would be lost without their smartphone and the average Mum spending one hour a day reading tips on ‘Mummy blogs’ from their handheld device.

Director Susie Donaldson commented: “I’ve always loved Mother’s Day – it’s not just a celebration of mother’s in society but a reminder of how lucky you are to be a Mum. That’s what this film is about; bringing Mums together and cherishing those magical moments with our children, regardless of how old they are. By piecing it all together we can share real stories with our loved ones and the world.”

Alexa Lundin, Head of Brand Communications at Mothercare, commented: “We wanted to shine a light on Mums everywhere this Mother’s Day, from those experiencing their first special day as a proud parent to those who are sharing the day with bigger families. The idea of the movie is to provide something memorable and show just how important and brilliant our Mums are.”

For the chance to star in ‘Mother’s Day: The Movie’, Mums simply need to tweet their moments, photos and video footage with the hashtag #MothersDayMoments on Mother’s Day. More information is available on the official Mothercare Facebook page (www.facebook.com/MothercareUK).

I’ll be snapping with my camera all day long taking pics of what we’re getting up to and Tweeting, why don’t you join me?