Have You Got The Bottle Green?

Alcohol is such a lovely treat but these days I like to stick to only drinking once in a while. One reason is that with two small children who want to get up early, being dehydrated from drinking alcohol doesn’t really work and the other reason is just that it’s so bad for you! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going teetotal or anything, I definitely enjoy a drink but I’m just not as into drinking as much as maybe I used to be. Saying that it doesn’t feel great to be drinking water when everyone else is having a glass of wine or fizz and I feel a bit of a plumb clinking glasses for toasts without something special in my glass. I’m certainly not going to force myself to drink alcohol so that I don’t feel silly clinking a glass of squash though and have decided to just get myself something soft but special instead.

With summer coming up I couldn’t have found a better option in Bottlegreen’s, Acacia Blossom Sparkling Pressé. New to the Bottlegreen range this classy sparkling but soft drink is perfect for a celebratory, alcohol free toast! Being sold exclusively in Waitrose stores as of this month it’s an absolute steal at just £1.29 for 275ml. I love it as it has a really fresh and crisp flavour while at the same time is really thirst quenching. I mentioned it’s great for summer because I could totally imagine sitting out on the patio on a balmy evening, enjoying a glass with my family after a BBQ.

Because it is sparkling it is also the perfect drink for me to take to a friend’s when she has a dinner party. My friend, unlike me, IS teetotal and when we take a bottle of wine to her delicious feasts we’re obviously not taking anything as a treat for her – this will be just the ticket and it’s certainly special enough to do that with while ordinary soft drinks possibly aren’t? It comes in a glass bottle synonymous with Bottlegreen and would look lovely and inviting on any dinner party table.

It’s also bang on trend with Acacia set to be THE ingredient of summer 2013, it’s fragrant, delicate and really delicious to sip! What a great find. I’d happily be the designated driver and have this as an alternative drink!