Let’s Get Nākd!

I’m a sweetie fan… I can’t help it I just am. I like chocolate too but not anywhere near as much as I like sweets… Jonny’s the chocolate head in our house and could consume vast quantities of it given the chance, in fact Florence and I often say to each other ‘don’t leave chocolate out or Daddy’ll hoover it up’! Florence, being a combination of the two of us seems to like both in equal measures – and lots! And Jimmy, having only had the odd chocolate button so far certainly seem to be the same!

But… We don’t need to eat chocolate and sweets everyday or we’d be the size of houses and we do like to be a bit healthy, especially during the week and leave the mega treats for the weekend. But, how do you stop those sweet cravings and satisfy them without actually having something naughty?

Think I’ve found the answer… Nākd bars and products! Made from nothing else but raw fruit, nuts and a hint of natural flavouring these bars and snacks are 100% natural and a great unprocessed alternative to regular chocolate and sweets.


The bars are yummy and absolutely suitable for the whole family! Jimmy thought he was having a mega treat by the look on his face and he particularly liked the Rhubarb and Custard flavour which is new to the range. I did too, it was lovely and tangy! We weren’t overly keen on the chocolatey ones but the fruit ones are absolutely yum and both the children think so too! Other flavours which sound like we’d like them are Cashew Cookie, Berry Delight and Pecan Pie to name but a few! They come in packs of 18 and can be ordered from www.naturalbalancefoods.co.uk as well as being widely available in leading supermarkets and health food shops! Nothing, for us, is a substitute for chocolate but the fruity flavours here are absolutely going to be part of our healthier snacks for the week. They give you that sweet hit but are actually not bad for you at all and even quite good for you really, some of the bars even provide one of your five a day!

They also make oatie bars, protein bars and flap jacks as well as infused flavour raisins which we think are delish! The children have been enjoying Orange Infused Raisins which frankly are like a little bag of sweets but are just raisins with as little natural flavouring! They’re really soft and juicy which makes them the perfect finger food for Jimmy and Florence is more than happy to have a little pot of these instead of some sweets – result! Great snack foods for children (and the rest of the family) and knowing they are having nothing bad makes it all the more satisfying!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent a selection of the products to try for review purposes.