Hello 2018!

Well it’s been back to reality for us today with the big kids back to school and Jonny back at work meaning the Raffster and I have had to fend for ourselves getting the house de-pine needled and spick and span so that we can continue 2018 with a fresh house.

We had the loveliest time over Christmas celebrating Raffie’s very first one, Florence turning 8 and Jonny hitting the big FOUR-OH (dear)! Obviously with two birthdays straight after the festivities it’s a bit of a busy time for us but we’ve loved every second and it feels quite strange to be so quiet in the house today.

Since we last wrote we’ve had 5 roast dinners, 3 dance exams, two nights with pals from Leytonstone, 2 fun evenings with friends in Norfolk, an extended family lunch, a new baby born in the family (not me again don’t panic), my Grandmother’s rather unexpectedly lovely wake (she passed away just before Christmas), 4 visits to the swimming pool, an 8th birthday party, Christmas Day (of course), an impromtu New Year’s Eve party, 2 trips to the beach (one for New Year’s Day fireworks), Daddy turning 40, 5 sickness bugs (Poor Jimmy 3 times), 3 meals out and lots of laughs and drinks clinking! We’ve loved it!

Now it’s all FitBit wearing, water drinking and gym talking (as well as, hopefully, going) but here’s a litle look back on our Christmas vay-cay! Happy New Year to you all from us!

Raffie’s first Christmas!
Writing to Father Christmas!
Twas the night before Christmas Daddy read to them on Christmas Eve as always and this perfect moment became!
Christmas Day with the Rocknrollerbabies!
Hand made crackers by me proving I’M crackers – just buy them, seriously… But I’ve set a precedence now!
Baby on Christmas Day!
Time for someone to turn 8!
Bowling followed by Pizza Express!
23.40 on NYE, 8 years to the minute that this precious girl was born!
New Year’s Day fireworks in Cromer!
A moment of calm for me and my baby boy!
Daddy turns 40!

What fun we had!