The New Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Play Gym From Tiny Love – Review!

When Florence was a few week’s old she was in a photo shoot for a DK book about parenting and in the green room we were introduced to a Tiny Love play gym. At home we had a very sedate and oh so fitting in with our furniture gym which she had been on but not been terribly enamoured by and I had thought she simply wasn’t interested in such toys yet. But… The sudden animation on her face at seeing this one from Tiny Love showed me that I was absolutely wrong, she WAS interested just not in the one WE had!

This Gymini play gym in the green room was all singing and all dancing and Florence was SO enchanted by it that as soon as we left I went out and bought the very same, binning our boring one immediately! Florence LOVED that Tiny Love play gym and then when Jimmy was born he of course did too. It was one of many, many Tiny Love products that we bought and I have written repeatedly about them on this blog because we just love how they work and engage babies!

Florence on the left and Jimmy (with a big sister still getting in on the act) on the right!

Unfortunately. when we moved, our old play gym got mouldy when we left it in the shed and had to be taken to the tip (along with our Tiny Love Rocker Napper – one of THE best products we ever had) so when Raffie was born we didn’t have one for him to play with immediately. My Mum brought over a very cheap one that we had kept at hers for when we visited but just like that original boring one, it simply hasn’t cut the mustard and we could only look towards Tiny Love now that he is wanting to look and play!

In step the new Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Play Gym which actually, is even better than the ones we’ve had before! Less obtrusive somehow, I mean these things are quite big, and the music is a little more appealing for the grown up ears it hits as a by product. I never, ever minded the size or the sounds and lights because the children have loved them so much but this one is just a little easier on the eye for a grown up. It’s a circular shape which makes it less imposing and although the colours are bright (just what a baby needs) the base colour is pale and it seems to fit in the room a little easier because of this. And Raffie LOVES it, which is all that counts! Music, lights, a mirror, dangling animals and things to see and play with on the mat too make it just what I expect from Tiny Love but I’m also loving the tummy time cushion which we haven’t had before and which Raffie definitely appreciates as well as an owl who will record a message from me or an older sibling to have instead of the music! – GREAT feature! It has touchie feelie crinkly feels to it which is fun and engaging just like the rest of it – Tiny Love, you are definitely the best!

Raffie on his play gym!
All the wonder!
Amazing watching him catch himself in the mirror!
Tummy time!

It’s reminded me so much of how great these products are and I might actually go and buy that Rocker Napper again because Tiny Love just know what they’re doing! We had the original but actually they have a few more on the market now and I kind of have my eye on the Cozy Rocker Napper which has a hood. Either that or a Tiny Love activity arch for the bouncy seat we already have but what I loved about the Rocker Napper was that it reclines into a bed as well as being a seat… Jimmy got so much use out of his and its multi purpose capabilities – why oh why did I put it in the shed to get damp?!

Jimmy in his Rocker Napper!

We love Raffie’s new Tiny Love play gym and so does he!

We were gifted this item.