The Teddy’s Toy Box Sleepyhead Exclusive To Mothercare – Bit Of A Game Changer For Us!

I remember trying desperately hard to put Florence in a Moses basket. The advice was DON’T have her in bed with you and I so wanted to follow the advice. I didn’t know what I was doing first time around (not that I’m any expert now with three) and was so frightened of doing something wrong but she just wouldn’t sleep on her own and after three weeks with no sleep, a bout of mastitis, a fortnight of finger feeding because she wouldn’t latch (we cracked that one eventually) and so many people giving me conflicting advice, I gave in. I was a new mum and I needed some sleep so when I realised that she only ever really relaxed when I sat down on my bed cuddling her and that she NEVER stayed asleep for more than a minute in her Moses basket, I brought her in my bed.

Now this got us both some sleep but it didn’t alleviate any of the worry. I knew I was doing what the experts said not to and I worried the WHOLE time. But it was the only thing which worked for us and I HAD to do something. I think once you’re a mother being frightened and worried about every eventuality is inevitable and though I am now a Mum of three those worries are still exactly the same. It’s a gift we are given at birth which comes packaged with greyer hair and wrinkles rather than a bow but there we are, it’s part of the wonder of being a Mum and you just do what you have to do in any given moment, for us co-sleeping was the best option and I actually enjoyed it through all the worry.

When I had Jimmy I was surprised that he DID sleep in a Moses basket and even felt a bit sad that I wasn’t getting all those co-cleeping cuddles but it was only a moment which lasted a few months and soon Jimmy, who had been struck with Rotovirus and slept on me all night while poorly, worked out it was much more snuggly cuddled up to Mummy. I actually found myself pleased that he was in bed with me and realised that while he was in the Moses basket I probably got less sleep because of course I was STILL worried. I would spend all night looking over at him, touching his lips to make him move and generally just being panicked. I think with him in bed with us I actually found having him close more reassuring.

I find myself third time around still worrying about co-sleeping even though I’ve done it before. We all know the advice in this country, although it’s different elsewhere in Europe, and that sticks in my worry head. BUT… I love to co-sleep AND it works for me so why wouldn’t I do it?! Raffie is a bit different to the other two in lots of ways because he will start off the evening in his crib where he does a couple of hours but after that he is unwilling to go back and wants to be with me. OF COURSE I want him close and just as with Jimmy I find it more reassuring having him with me than next to the bed in his own but OF COURSE I worry still because I am his Mummy.

Thankfully times have moved on since I had Florence and Jimmy and now people are using Sleepyhead Of Sweden, a product I’d not heard of before I had him but now am recommending to everyone I meet because although it doesn’t stop the Mummy worry, nothing does that, it IS a product designed for safer co-sleeping and actually has been a bit of a game changer for me! One of my friends said that the reason she decided to buy hers was because she read a review that left her in no doubt and just like me, she, and all the other people I know who use one, don’t have a bad word to say about it. The review said:

‘If you think about what this is it’s a rip off. If you know what this does it’s the bargain of the century!’

The Sleepyhead, which is a sleep positioner, can be used in the crib and cot as well as in your own bed and it’s been rigorously tested, using the best and most breathable materials to create a perfect microclimate for your baby. Research shows that the infant’s proximity to parental sounds, smells, heat and movements is crucial for any infant’s mental, emotional and physiological development. A baby kept close and safe and comfortable in the Sleepyhead is only a breath away – that’s what they say! And that’s EXACTLY what I have found. I love that Raffie is close to me in my bed. I love that we can take it away with us (and have done) meaning he doesn’t have to change how he sleeps and I LOVE that it’s so snuggly for him. I can place my arm around him in this and over him and sleep in a foetal position around it all the while knowing the sides are high enough to make sure I don’t roll onto him. I don’t think I would roll onto him anyway but this is a bit more peace of mind for me while it definitely makes him feel secure inside it.

I use it in the cot if I put him in that while I do the housework!

Sleepyhead also say that its protective sides facilitate correct physiological back positioning while preventing the baby from rolling out of bed, hitting his head against the headboard, getting caught between the bed and the wall, or wriggling down under the covers. The sides also prevent the parents from rolling on top of the baby. Yet, the sides are comfy enough for the parent to have his/her arm over the side to pat and reassure. The firm Sleepyhead mattress reduces the risk of suffocation, unlike soft adult mattresses.

I put our pillows horizontally and then lie inside them next to the Sleepyhead and Raffie – this way the edge of our pillows go nowhere near!

All the things we worry about as parents, ALL the things we still worry about regardless of anyone assuring us not to, but to have this… Honestly I want to cry that I didn’t have it with the other two. It’s the best product on the market for babies. It just is. I can’t recommend it enough! I will be gutted when we can’t use it anymore which thankfully won’t be for ages because this will take him until he’s about 8 months and then we can buy a bigger one!

But what about when he can roll over?

The Sleepyhead is not designed to prevent a baby from rolling over but they do say it’s less likely the baby will engage in such activities while in the pod. Up until approx. 8 months, one must always place a child to sleep on his/her back. However, at 7-8 months if they turn in their sleep, the pod is breathable so you don’t have to turn him/her back on his/her back – Raffie is quite little really so I’m sure this one may even last him past 8 months and if he rolls in his sleep I love that the material is geared up to look after him.

And what kind of bedding should we use?

Sleepyhead recommend using wearable blankets like sleeping bags which we do anyway and they say not to swaddle past when a baby can roll over.

What else, aside from the above, is great about the Sleepyhead?!

Well… Just LOOK at it, it’s GORGEOUS! So as well as being a safer way to co-sleep, something which can travel and also be used in the cot or crib… I’d have to say it’s an added extra on the eye! My Sleepyhead is from Mothercare and has beautiful little dots all over it. You can buy the covers in many, many different patterns and of course it’s probably an idea to have a spare cover because one can be in the wash and one can be on but if you like mine as much as I do then note that it’s The Teddy’s Toy Box Sleepyhead which is actually exclusive to Mothercare and you won’t find it anywhere else!

The facts from Mothercare:

  • suitable from 0-8 months
  • multifunctional – a safe and comfy spot that lets your baby sleep in a supervised environment, rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get their nappy changed
  • must always be used in a child-safe and supervised environment at all times.
  • lightweight and portable
  • additional covers are available separately
  • all materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic
  • seepyhead® Deluxe+ offers excellent air-permeability
  • compatible with the Sleepyhead® mobile toy arch

I must get that mobile toy arch! So… What else can I say other than this is a Mummy game changer. Sleepyhead I salute you!